Tuesday, March 20, 2012

9 months!

CRAZY that I am writing this post, I cannot believe that Miss L is 9 months old today! Wow where have the last 9 months gone? She is growing up way way too fast:( don't get me wrong I am loving every second with her and love watching her grow and change but wow, 9 months already?! Miss L is such a joy in our lives, and oh my what a personality! She is on the move now, getting into anything and everything that she can. She is crawling and pulling up on just about anything. Yesterday afternoon she had her first big boo boo. She was in her play area that we have barricaded off for her, when she decided to climb over one the of the barricades- a rubbe.rmade tote. She got over it but then went head first off on the other side right into a tin container the kiddos have for puzzles- she had some nasty looking marks on her forehead but thankfully they are gone today. I am making her babyfood and there isn't really anything she hasn't liked so far:) she loves teething biscuits Ea.rt.s Be.st the other kind I bought she wasn't real thrilled with she also is not a fan of the puffs. She still doesn't have any teeth but she is drooling and spitting like crazy- soaks her shirts because she takes the bibs off. She has been enjoying going outside- thankfully the weather has been crazy warm, riding in the stroller while the other kids and I walk/ ride bikes. She is too cute kicking her feet as we walk along and watching the other kiddos play. I really want to attach the toddler swing to the playset however if I do that, that will leave only one swing for the other kiddos. Unfortunately our super nice playset that we purchased right after we moved in almost 5 years ago is falling apart and is quite an eyesore:( It was first damaged by my lovely hubby "exercising" on it, using it as a pull-up bar and breaking the whole one side (the left side that had the monkey bars, two seater swing thing and another swing). Then a storm damaged it some more to the point that all we have left is the slide and two swings on the right side and all that is leaning. I really really want to get the kids a new playset/ swingset unfortunately it's not in the budget. We have a nice big backyard that is completely fenced in with privacy fence but I am embarrassed by the deck which is falling apart and the swingset. It really is a shame because our backyard could be super nice for the kiddos. I am thinking about getting Miss L one of those little kiddie playsets with a small slide and swing for her birthday that will be here in three very short months. Anyhoo enough about that, it just makes me sad. Back to my post about Miss L. I don't have her latest height, weight etc. we go tomorrow morning for her  month check-up. I am guessing Miss L is close to 20 pounds. She wears size 3 diapers, and size 12-18 month clothes depending on the brand etc. We are still working on sleeping in her crib all night since her hospital stay, most nights she sleeps in our bed- I know, I know its not good but it is the only way either of us sleeps. I do try to get her to sleep in her bed first and then in the middle of the night she usually wakes up and end up in our bed. Miss L is still very attached to me and sometimes won't even go to hubby, but she is getting better.  I think she is going to be a waterbug! She LOVES her baths, kicking and splashing water everywhere. She also LOVES and adores her big sister and brother:) They can get her to laughing/ giggling non-stop its the cutest thing!
Since I don't put pictures on here I will try to give you a description of what Miss L looks like- she is chubby:) with fair skin, her eyes are changing from blue to a green color and she has reddish light brown hair with curls- LOVE her curls:) She has the cutest button nose on the sweetest face. I could stare at her for hours, and still amazed that I carried her and she really is ours forever!

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