Thursday, March 15, 2012

What happened to Spring?

Ok we didn't really have a winter per say, but now we aren't going to have Spring? We are having some crazy crazy weather!!! Yesterday and today we are in the 80's, the rst of the week and weekend is expected to be in the 80's. Next week we may be in the mid-80's! I want spring!!! I'm so not ready for summer time temps, although I'm loving the sunshine:) Last night we went for a walk- kiddos rode their bikes and Miss L rode in the stroller, we had a great time!! Miss L loves being outside, especially with the other kiddos.
This past weekend I went shopping with my mom and got all three kiddos much needed spring/ summer clothes but hadn't expected them to wear them so soon! Thank goodness we did get the clothes because Miss L wouldn't have had anything to wear!
Well gotta go, Miss M is getting out of school- I'm typing this in carpool line;)

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