Monday, April 29, 2013

Itchy Rash!!!

UGH!!!! It seems like its one thing after another!!! I had a small rash on my lower left leg that was a little annoying but I was dealing with it fine. Well that little annoying rash has spread all over my left leg and is now on my right leg. Nothing seems to "calm" the itch, and what's worse its on my lower leg which is hard for me to get to these days. I have no idea what this rash is, or what's causing it but I want it to go away!!!! I've tried be.nadr.yl cream, several different lotions including Sa.rna however all they had was the sensitive kind and I prefer the regular because it has a cooling effect to it although hubby likes this because he says I don't smell like a nursing home- nice! I'm hoping my OB has some insight, I see him this afternoon but I'm honestly guessing he doesn't. I have to wonder if it doesn't have something to do with the swelling in my legs since that is where the rash is?! With warmer weather I would love to be able to wear capris but I'm self conscious of this rash.
On a different note my mom took me to the local baby superstore to get a double stroller, and of course as luck would have it they don't carry it in store. Well I really wanted to see the stroller in the store, see how easy it folds up, how small it folds up, if our carrier will fit etc... The other kicker is if we order it online we have to pay shipping and can't use the coupon:( UGH!!! Can this momma please get a break?! So needless to say we still don't have a stroller and didn't get anything accomplished as far as looking at clothes from previous kiddos, organize room etc...
This afternoon is my ultrasound and OB appointment I will try to update today or tomorrow (tomorrow I see my cardiologist for an echo and EKG).


  1. Weird! One of my friends broke out in a really itchy rash hike she was pregnant too and it did turn out to be pregnancy related. I'll have to ask her what it was! Hope your appt goes well!

  2. I hope you don't have PUPP or cholestasis. =( I can totally relate to the miserable rash, though! In March I had a horribly itchy rash that covered my whole body that lasted for 6 weeks. Turns out it was virus related (pityriasis rosea). I was so grateful that it wasn't PUPP because I was thinking I would have to suffer until the birth of the baby 15 weeks later! (I so need to update my blog...)