Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter and Spring Break

Wow- sorry I knew it had been a while since I posted just didn't realize that it had been that long! All I can say is busy, and tired- LOL! Things are going well. Hubby and I had a couple of weeks that were stressful. Hubby found a lump and it really really concerned us, he went to the doctor who then sent him to a specialist only to find out it was nothing, and I do mean nothing to worry about- WHEW!!!!
Tball has started for H, his first practice was FREEZING cold! Thankfully my parents watched the girls so they didn't have to sit in the cold watching their bubbie play ball. H could careless that it was cold, he was just thrilled that the ball season had started! We are looking forward to warmer weather- spring weather we have had a few teaser days, that we have enjoyed!
We had a good Easter :) Saturday I took the kiddos to see the EB at the mall. I don't know what I was thinking attempting this by myself- lol! I didn't want to pay for the pictures- they are outrageously priced, so I just take my own camera however I can't be on "set" to take the picture. Well L was all about seeing the EB until we got closer and it was our turn, the closer I walked the tighter the grip she had on me. I was not about to push the issue, L wouldn't even look at him so I just took a picture of M and H- it turned out great! I kind of wish I would've just forked over the money and had a picture taken with all the kiddos and myself with the EB but oh well. Saturday evening we had my brother and his kiddos over to our house for dinner and to color E. eggs. We had a great evening, enjoyed each others company and the kiddos had a blast playing together and coloring eggs together. The decorating of the eggs was a bit stressful for me, because my brother and hubby were into the bball games on tv so I was attempting to do this by myself- LOL! Nothing like 5 kids trying to color eggs, but we managed, they had fun and the eggs turned out beautifully.
Sunday morning we got up bright and early, the kiddos checked out their baskets from the E.Bunny; we had breakfast as a family and then got ready for mass. It was nice to go to mass as a family, and I am quite sure we kept the family sitting behind us entertained- LOL! After mass our church had an egg hunt for the kiddos but unfortunately the weather wasn't cooperative so we had to have it indoors. The kiddos had a blast hunting eggs, and L won one of the raffle prizes and picked out a little stuffed bunny. When we got home from church the kiddos hunted the eggs that the EB left at our house- we didn't have time to do this before church. In the afternoon we visited my Aunt's house where the kiddos had yet another egg hunt with their cousins, this time the sun was out and it was a beautiful afternoon so we we were able to have the hunt outside. Then it was time to head to my parents house for dinner with my parents, my brother and his kiddos where you guessed it another egg hunt was had- if your keeping count that is 4 egg hunts in one day! It was a nice evening hanging out at my parents and watching our Cards win their bball game in the tournament:)  We headed home and watched our La.dy Car.ds beat B.ay.lo.r to stay alive in the tourney too!!!
Today is the start of Spring Break for my kiddos, and unfortunately I don't really have anything exciting planned for them:( Today we did my usual Monday grocery shopping trip- it actually went smoothly. The kiddos had homemade pizzas for lunch- they LOVE to make their own pizzas and then we headed out to the backyard to play (thankfully it was a beautiful sunny day just a little chilly). Tomorrow I think I am going to surprise them and take then to their favorite restaurant for lunch because they are having kids eat free day. Not sure what we are going to do the rest of the week, Thurs. morning I have a OB appointment so I hope to be updating you all on how that goes. I am 25 weeks today!!!!

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