Wednesday, April 24, 2013

28 weeks, stroller shopping and an endo check-up

First off I'm 28 weeks pregnant which means I have about 10 weeks until we meet our little princess!!! WOW!! Hard to believe, and I have so much to do as I've done very little to prepare! We have the crib up (and the changing table bc L still uses it). I need to go through L's clothes and pull all the newborn and 3 month stuff; blankets etc; we need to get the carseat out; the bassinet back from my cousin and purchase a double stroller! I asked on fb to no avail if anyone had suggestions on double strollers?! With M and H I had a double stroller (Gr.aC.o duo  something or another), I liked it but it was heavy and didn't fold up very compact- we sold it at a consignment sale thinking we wouldn't need one again;) Now I'm looking at the side by side strollers but would love some feedback from others that have used them. I researched and read online reviews on various strollers but still would love some feedback!
I went to my endocrinologist last Thursday and the appointment went great, she's very pleased with my labs (my A1C was 5.2- WOOHOO!!!!) and I go back in 4 weeks which is the norm. We also discussed delivery and what I'm suppose to do in regards to insulin etc...
Yesterday I decided to take L to the local zoo, it was a gorgeous spring day and the other two kiddos were in school all day. We had a great time, L was really into the animals and some of them were actually active!!! The grizzly bear and seals were swimming, the tiger was growling and we got an up close look at the giraffes including the baby:) I have to admit it was an enjoyable day however the walking/ hills were hard on me!! I'm definitely feeling the pregnancy. My feet especially my left foot, cankle, leg etc swells every day but especially yesterday with the walking!!! The water pill the cardiologist prescribed doesn't seem to be helping! I go to the cardiologist next week so I will discuss with her then. In the mean time I'm trying to take it easy, prop my feet up when I can etc... Tomorrow is my 28 wk appointment and ultrasound with the OB- I'm looking forward to it:)

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