Thursday, April 4, 2013

Quick Check-Up

Today I had my OB check-up, it was a quick one you know the kind where you wait longer in the room etc... They did the usual work-up, blood pressure (which was good-yay!); urine sample; and weight- which there was no mention of:) My doctor came in measured my belly and listened to her heartbeat. He wants to see me in three weeks to get me back on schedule, because I will be starting visits twice a month. My next check-up they will do an ultrasound to check on her growth and kidney- I'm looking forward to more pictures of our little girl but praying all is okay with her. That was pretty much the extent of my appointment, the doctor did ask about my sugars, and if they were under control etc. I see my diabetes doc in two weeks with lab work next week. I'm thankful for a good, easy check-up it was much welcomed! Now it's time to get back to my kiddos and enjoy the last couple of days of Spring Break!

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