Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Yep that's what I've been dealing with, swelling mainly in my legs, ankles (cankles) etc... I had avoided taking the water pill my cardiologist prescribed until just recently. I was afraid of the "affects" so I started with a half a pill which did nothing, so I am taking the full dose with some relief.  My legs still swell (as well as my hands/ fingers) but not as bad. I try to put my feet up but that's kind of hard to do till late evening. My sweet girl M has been giving mommy feet massages:)
I haven't been sleeping well, one I'm up quite a bit through the night; difficult to get comfortable; L has been getting up and wanting in our bed around 1:30am- she's getting four teeth and I think that's part of it; and then there is the train that comes in our bedroom and parks! Yes my husband has started snoring again and it's horrible!!!!!  The other night I went out onto the couch in the living room because hubby's snoring was so bad, and I could still hear it! Of course I hardly slept because that couch is not the most comfortable, plus being pregnant etc... I guess it's "natures" way of preparing me for when lil miss shows up and I'm up throughout the night!
This week I have an endocrinologist appointment, next week is my OB appointment with an ultradound:) and the following week is my cardiology appointment. I stay busy with all my doctor appointments.
That's really all that's been going on here, just wanted to update and let everyone know we are okay and just busy:)

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  1. As they say on facebook~ "Dislike very much!" I'm glad you're getting some relief with the water pill. Hang in there mama!