Friday, April 26, 2013

Well not sure what to think??!! ** UPDATE**

Yesterday I had my 28 week check-up and ultrasound. After waiting 50+ minutes for the ultrasound, they told me I needed to see the doctor first because he had somewhere he needed to be. So I saw the doctor first, which I wasn't too thrilled with because I like the ultrasound first in case it shows something we need to discuss. But anyways I go back to see the doc, first stop is the nurse for weight, bp etc... Well according to the nurse I've gained like 17 lbs in 3 weeks!!! What the???? Now that can't be right! I think they wrote my weight down wrong the last time, first off I see my endocrinologist every 4 wks and if I'd gained that much she would've been all over my case. Anyhoo the only one who seemed to get on my case was the nurse the doctor didn't even mention it. My blood pressure is great:) I mentioned the swelling (as its gotten worse over the last couple of days), the only thing that was said/ asked was by the doc, he wanted to know if I had access to a pool? Bc if I did that getting in water up to my neck would help. Gee thanks but I don't have access; that was the only thing mentioned he didn't even look at my legs or cankles! He wants me to start my every two week visits now.
Next up was the ultrasound. Little Miss was hiding her face and wouldn't let us get a good look of her face:( The good news was it appears her kidneys are all okay- YAY!!! The US tech also didn't see a VSD- hole in her heart!! Now it doesn't mean it's still not there but she didn't see it; she said she would check again on my next ultrasound. Btw I got my favorite ultrasound tech:)
So we left the appointment feeling good. Then fast forward to this morning while sitting in carpool line to drop H off at school I missed a call from the OB's office- of course my phone acted up then, it didn't ring and wouldn't plan the vm message- UGH!!! I had planned to go stroller shopping after dropping H off. Well I tried calling OB back but had to leave a message. Then when I get to the store my vm decides its going to work and I can hear the message from the ultrasound tech. So I call her back and she says the pla.cen.tal la:ke texture has changed and the doctor wants to monitor me more closely- I'm to see him every week and have an ultrasound every week. The tech says its nothing to worry about he just wants to monitor me more closely- needless to say I'm FREAKED OUT!!!!! I called the doctor and left a message with his nurse hoping to get some answers. I haven't heard back yet:( I ended up going home, too afraid to buy anything!
So now I'm waiting. My next appointment and ultrasound is scheduled for Monday afternoon (they also scheduled the rest of my appointments). I'm hoping to hear back from the doctor today because I really don't want to wait till Monday to get my questions answered!!

I heard back from the ultrasound tech, and she eased some of my fears. I have my next ultrasound Monday afternoon with her and a doctors appointment afterwards. She basically said they are overly cautious there and any changes they like to monitor. I'm still hoping to get more answers on Monday but the tech did day there was good blood flow, good fetal movement, heart rate and body weight:) all great news !


  1. I hope you heard something today. I'm praying for you and your little one.