Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Busy, fun weekend, sickness and heart doc check-up

This past weekend was great, busy but fun. Friday night we stayed in, had carry-out with my parents who were over to help with the bed putting together/ rearranging. H was soooo excited about his new bed, he just couldn't wait till it was up and ready! The other kiddos LOVE playing under the bed- the bed is a loft style bed, with a curtain to make a cool play area underneath. We then moved the toddler bed H had been sleeping in, into L's room with the intention of transitioning her over to it in the next month or so. Well L LOVED her "big girl" bed, and insisted on sleeping in it that night. L is now officially sleeping in a toddler bed and doing awesome! Mommy is a little sad, and wasn't quite ready for her to be in a toddler bed, but I'm relieved she transitioned so well. We kept the crib set up for Miss E.K. Our little 3 bedroom home is getting smaller and smaller by the day!! The kiddos bedrooms are full- lol! We hope in the next year or so to be able to put the house on the market and look for a bigger house but we will just have to see how finances, housing market etc play out; for now we are making do:)
Saturday morning was a calm, relaxing morning at home, which doesn't happen very often so I took advantage of it. Saturday afternoon I went with M to work the cookie booth for gi.rl S!co.uts. She did awesome and we had fun selling the cookies:) After we left the booth after our shift, we headed home to get M all dolled up for her very first dance, the daddy/daughter dance. M and hubby were both so excited about this night! M got a new dress, "high heels", I did her hair and nails; and then they went out to dinner prior to the dance, M's favorite- p.F. C.hAn.gS. They had a fun time at the dance and didn't get home till 9:30! H and L got to hang out with mommy, we went out to dinner to H's favorite restaurant- it's a local place. After dinner on our way home H lost his second tooth!!! It's been lose and he's been working on it, but was so excited to finally lose it, he couldn't wait for M and Daddy to get home to tell them.
Sunday L and I headed to church (Hubby wanted his sleep, and I thought M needed her sleep because she has testing all this week at school, and H hardly ever goes because of his behavior). It was good to be back at church, I had missed the Sunday before because I couldn't drive yet and didn't have anyone to take me. After church I went home and picked up the other kiddos (hubby was headed to the gym) to go to the store, the $ the tooth fairy left was burning a hole in H's pocket- lol!!! We also had to get juice boxes for the GS meeting. Sunday afternoon, M had a GS meeting with her troop, we provided the snack and I lead the craft- we made tissue paper flowers to be delivered to a local hospital. It was fun getting to spend some time one on one with Madelyn and her friends:)
Monday was a nasty, rainy, windy day and of course I had grocery shopping that had to be done- grr! The exciting "news" of Monday was M lost her 3rd tooth!!!! She lost it at school, which is what she was hoping for because the give you a tooth necklace to keep the tooth in, she came out of school just grinning:) Yes we are keeping the tooth fairy busy!
Tuesday started out like any other day till I went to wake H for school, he said he was sick, his stomach hurt and he didn't want to go to school. I knew he must be sick if he didn't want to go to school, sure enough he was running a low grade fever. Of course I had an appointment with the cardiologist for my check-up.  Thankfully H was able to hang out with Hubby at his job while I went to the cardiologist- if I would've called and canceled it would've cost us $50! H loved going with daddy, and I was relieved to get to my appointment. My heart doc appointment went well, other than having to wear a 24 hour holter monitor- I really don't enjoy these! The doctor wants to see me back in 6-8 weeks for a repeat EKG and echo to make sure everything is still going okay etc.. The doctor did give me a prescription for a water pill because my legs have already started to swell- joy joy cankles:) I noticed that Sunday night, after being on my feet quite a bit. Overall it was a good check-up:)
H is still not himself, and hasn't eaten anything except 1 cracker and sipped on s.p.rit.e. Hoping he starts to feel better and no one else comes down with the bug!! For now I'm hoping for a nice quiet rest of the week:)

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