Thursday, October 10, 2013

Not much to report, just life:)

Not much to blog about or much time for that matter, just busy. The kiddos had conferences last week at school and they both got fabulous reports- I'm one proud momma!!! They were also on Fall Break last Thursday and Friday so I planned some fun activities. My niece and nephew were on Fall break as well so I had them too. Thursday we went and picked apples at a local orchard, then went to out to lunch and played. Friday we spent a good part of the day at the zoo, nothing like taking 6 kiddos by yourself to the zoo!! We had a great day complete with 1 train ride, 4 carousel rides, fed the giraffes and had a picnic lunch- good times, great memories!!! We then came home and put the two little ones down for naps and we made apple pie with some of the fresh apples we picked the day before. The weekend was a washout, literally, we got A LOT of rain:( The two older kiddos went with my mom to a local paint pottery place and painted.
Our October is jam packed with lots of fun family activities, just hope the weather cooperates!!! We have a picnic and ball game this weekend and the rest of the month we have pumpkin picking, an amusement park with Halloween fun, homecoming, fall festival, trunk or treat- looking forward to it all!!!
Little Miss EK turned 3 months old yesterday! She is growing and changing so much. She is such a good easy going baby, and I'm LOVING all the great big smiles I'm getting:) She was sleeping through the night however this past week she started waking up not sure if its just a growth spurt or if she's getting a little cold- she has a little runny nose and congestion going on:(
Yesterday my car acted up in carpool line- giving all kinds of warning signals/ messages (it had done this before and when we took it in, it showed nothing after shelling out $100 for diagnostics). Well after getting the kiddos and leaving school my breaks wouldn't work! Talk about scary, thankfully I wasn't going real fast and I was able to use the emergency break to get it stopped. Thankfully we are all safe and it's in the shop- apparently some computer thing and its under warranty:) Also thankful my parents were leaving today for vacation so I was able to use one of there vehicles which is smaller than my big SUV however everyone still fits safely:)
Hope everyone has a fantastic end of the week/ weekend :)

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  1. Glad you're having fun doing lots of fall-related things!

    I'm sorry to hear about your brakes. Glad you're okay!