Thursday, January 17, 2013

We are having a ......

Well my doctors office called the other day with my blood test results and the most important thing is we are having a healthy baby:) The baby tested negative for any trisomy or down syndrome etc... I have to tell you it was a relief. Then the nurse asked if we wanted to know the sex and without hesitation I said yes- hubby and I had already decided we wanted to know. We are having a GIRL!!!! Bring on MORE bows, dresses, shoes, pink, pink and more pink:) We didn't tell the kiddos right away. M wanted a "surprise" like a cake or something. So yesterday while H and M were at school I made yellow cake with a pink center, pink icing between the layers and then white icing with pink and blue dots. The funny thing was the kiddos never realized what the cake was for- LOL!!!! It was driving H crazy all afternoon, and both M and H just assumed it was for their daddy's birthday which is Monday. Finally after dinner we told them it was cake time and then explained what the cake was for. So I sliced into the cake and served up the first piece to reveal it's a girl! M was SUPER excited, H was disappointed but he did well and L was just excited to have cake! So now the name game begins:) H INSISTS that we name her Princess Leia and refuses to hear any other name, so I am sure that is how he will refer to her for quite some time- he did the same thing with L insisting that her name was Pirate Baby L.
So originally I was concerned about bedrooms (we live in a 3 bedroom ranch, with the master bedroom being the largest and M &H's room the biggest of the other two, L's room is quite tiny!) but I think eventually it will be bathroom space that is the issue with 3 girls plus me! Hopefully down the road we will be able to more into a larger home!
I went to my endocrinologist today for my check-up and things are going great there:) My next OB appointment isn't till the end of the month, and I will have an ultrasound to check on the ovarian cyst- I am looking forward to seeing our little girl again!


  1. Congrats! Happy to hear a good report on your and baby's health.