Friday, February 1, 2013

16 week check-up; scared and need prayers please!

Well yesterday was my 16 week check-up and as always I was nervous, hoping and praying everything is okay with our baby girl! My ultrasound appointment was at 11am yesterday and I more than filled my bladder! I was ready to burst- the tech said my next ultrasound appointment for my 20 week scan I only need to be half as full- LOL! Our little girl looked good, all curled up in a little ball, her arms up by her head- it was great to see her and hear her heartbeat and know everything is okay with her! Then they checked my right ovary, that was the main reason I was having the ultrasound to check the "cyst" they found last time. The tech didn't say much, which kind of concerned me, but to be honest she isn't my favorite tech, I prefer the other one, she is much more personable etc... The tech did say its about the same.
After my ultrasound I was sent across the hall for my doctors appointment. I waited and waited and waited!!! As soon as I had checked in I asked to leave my urine sample because I was about to burst. I waited so long in the waiting area I had to use the restroom again! I was finally called back to have my blood pressure, weight etc.. checked and then put in a room where I waited some more. The doctor came in- it was my regular doctor this time. He came in and asked me what that "mass" was on my ovary? UM mass? I thought it was just a cyst. He basically said he needed to consult with his colleagues as how to proceed, that he didn't like to operate on pregnant woman however if it was necessary he would. I HATED he used the word "mass" instead of cyst?! I swear he was maybe in there a total of 5 minutes if that, and in that time he also talked about his " teams- basketball teams and their winning" wth?! He basically left it that after he consulted with his colleagues he would call me. He didn't do an exam at all, didn't even touch me at all?! I realize that having the ultrasound that they heard the heartbeat but I thought they did other stuff? I am left with a MILLION and one questions, concerns and worries, that I wish I would have asked while I was there but I guess I was just stunned and didn't know what to ask at the time- hubby wasn't with me he was watching L for me. Needless to say I didn't leave the doctors office till after 1pm and I was starving!!!!
I made the mistake of "researching" on the Internet mass on ovary during pregnancy which just made things 10x's worse with all the scenarios. I just want to know everything is going to be okay with our little baby girl. I honestly was fine a little concerned after my last ultrasound but thought okay its a cyst, I have had them before and worse case they take it out at delivery time. But now with the use of the word "mass" and my doctors "concern" has me beyond scared.
So has anyone out there had similar situations or know someone who has????? I would really like some support, and prayers during this time, pray for our baby girl that she stays safe inside of me until delivery time and that the mass/ cyst shrinks/ goes away on its own and doesn't require surgery during my pregnancy. Thank you all:) My next appointment is the end of February where I will have another ultrasound- it is the 20 week scan, and once again my doctor is on vacation so I will see someone else in the practice.


  1. I had theca lutein cysts on my ovaries during pregnancy, which are caused by the pregnancy hormone. However, they are quite rare. When I had my c-section, the nurse said that she had never seen ovaries so enlarged before and that mine were the size of a grapefruit! Thankfully, after Abel and Belle were born, the cysts went away on their own. An ultrasound a month or two after their birth confirmed they had gone away. Try not to could be something similar. Praying for you!

  2. Jennifer THANK YOU for sharing and helping to put my mind at ease!!! I hope and pray that, that is the case with us too. The first doctor made us to feel like she thought that was the case.