Monday, November 5, 2012


OMG!!! Where to begin? A week ago this past Friday I was putting L into the suv to go pick M up from school, it was raining and I was having to reach to put her into her seat (she sits in the middle), both of my feet slip on the running board and I BANG my legs- it HURT!!!! It was all I could do not to cry it hurt that bad. Anyhoo I had to get to M's school to get her so I couldn't worry about it. Not till I got home and pulled my pants legs up did I see how swollen my one leg was- my shin looked like my knee! I keep it elevated as much as possible with ice on it and over the next couple of days the swelling went down but not completely and it still hurt especially when I hadn't been on the leg for a while. Then by Thursday I noticed it started to itch- I thought oh it must be getting better! Friday hubby comments on how red it looks and I say yes and it is warm to the touch.  Of course we google it and you can imagine the things that come up! I was SCARED!
Saturday evening hubby and I have a date night! Yes you read that right, a date night! I couldn't tell you the last time that happened! Nothing fancy just going out to dinner just the two of us:) My parents were going to watch the kiddos, and the two older ones decided to spend the night. I showed my mom my leg before we left on our date and she said I should really get it checked out. Anyhoo we go on to dinner- nothing fancy just a chain seafood restaurant but it was nice. Then at dinner I start to get worried about my leg and decide maybe I should go ahead and get it checked out. So after dinner we head to one of the local hospitals to get it checked out- I know some date night! LOL!
I was surprised to see no one in the waiting room, and they moved very efficiently before I knew it I was back in a room. So I am getting checked out and they really think it is an infection (I don't get that since I didn't have an open wound etc..?! but ok) but they want to get an x-ray to make sure it is nothing more. In order to do an x-ray they want me to do a urine sample/ pregnancy test just to make sure- so I oblige them, whatever! So I am laying in the hospital bed hubby is watching the football game next to me, the lady from registration is taking my insurance info and the nurse looks at me a mouths YOUR PREGNANT! WHAT did you just say????!!! HUH?! Talk about being in COMPLETE SHOCK both hubby and I couldn't believe it! So the nurse asks if we want the test run again- UM YES! SO he runs another urine pregnancy test and it comes back positive too, he says "girlfriend you are pregnant!"! OMG! I cannot believe this is happening.  (Btw my leg turned out to be an infection and I am on some heavy duty antibiotics).
Now we are in COMPLETE SHOCK, EXCITED and SCARED out of our minds!!! The lines on the pregnancy test seem a little faint to me so that has me questioning things, I don't have a clue as to how far along I might be because I don't know normal cycles and I don't keep track (I hate keeping track- a infertility thing). I think or should I say my best guesstimate of when I had my period last was the end of September.
So first thing this morning I start calling my doctors- I called my obgyn and the got me in around lunch time for a blood test- so now I am trying to patiently wait, I should know the results this afternoon some time. I called my diabetes doctor but surprisingly haven't heard back from them. So I wait and wait, with my stomach in knots. I sooooooo want everything to be all right and this pregnancy to go to term; I am trying to be optimistic yet at the same time prepare myself. I want to get started on medications right now! to help with this pregnancy, you know "baby glue" etc... I sooo want to be far along in the pregnancy that I don't have to wait much longer for the 12 week, sigh of relief but yet I know I haven't been taking the best care of myself so I wonder what that might have done to the baby. And through all of this I keep telling myself  "don't worry, just pray". So will you please keep me and my baby in your thoughts and prayers!!!! (BTW you all are the only ones besides hubby and my parents that know., it is so hard I just want to SHOUT it our to the whole world)

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  1. Wow! How exciting! God is granting your wish for that one more pregnancy/baby you wanted. I would have to say I would be shocked, too if I ever was pregnant naturally, too! Praying for a nice easy 9 months.