Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween, maybe pink eye and then some

Kind of a late post about Halloween, hope everyone had a very Happy Halloween with lots of treats and no tricks! Our Halloween was okay. Tuesday afternoon after school I noticed H's eye's were really really red, and I just knew it was pink eye. Since it was late in the day I decided to see what it did in the morning (crusty etc..), however H had his first wrestling practice- not real thrilled that hubby wanted to get him involved but he was willing to take him so I thought he could give it a try. Well since we weren't sure if it was pink eye, H went to the practice but just watched- which is super hard for him because he wanted to get out there and get in the middle of the action! Wednesday morning rolls around, H's eyes are still super red but no drainage or crusty's etc.. however L's eyes are draining, no red?! What is a mom to do? I decided to not be "that mom" and told him he couldn't go to school that I needed to take him to the doctors, just in case it was pink eye, so that all his friends wouldn't get it.. Well H threw a HUGE fit, first of all he is the kiddo who LOVES school and second of all it was there Halloween party and they were getting to wear their costumes. He said "I was the worstest mom ever!". While all this is going on, I look over at M and she is rubbing her eyes like crazy trying to make them red so she doesn't have to go to school- yes she is the kiddo who EXCELS at school but doesn't like it! So I get an appointment at the doctors appointment for later that morning, I had my annual lady appointment (GRRR...) with a new doctor first thing that morning. I liked the new doc, things went well but those old feelings of being "the infertile" one crept back in while waiting in the waiting room with all the preggos, and then having to rehash my history. Anyhoo the appointment went well and fairly quick. Took L and H to their doctors appointment, doctor doesn't think it is pink eye, thinks H's is allergies (even though he is on claritin and benadryl) and L's is a cold. He did go ahead and give me a prescription for the medicine for pink eye incase L's eyes got red and H's started to drain. Still not convinced of this diagnosis but then I am not a doctor! L's eyes are still crusty when she wakes up although not bad, but no redness; H's eyes are still red and now M's eyes are a little red but no drainage/ crusty so what is a mom to do?
Needless to say H went back to school yesterday, I sent a note saying the doc didn't think it was pink eye that it was allergies etc..and to call if they started bothering him.. Of course H comes home that afternoon and tells me he told his teachers and friends that  he has pink eye! UGH!!! So I am sure I am now "that mom" that lies to send her son to school.
Back to Halloween day, so H missed school and his halloween party for nothing so I am the worstest mom ever! M went to school had a fun day and Halloween party at school. That afternoon we finally decorated our pumpkins (M had a little attitude and was upset that we hadn't decorated our pumpkins saying it was going to be November before we got to it!), we took the "easy" way out and bought the decorations that you just push in to the pumpkin- LOVE it!!!!! The pumpkins turned out super cute, and the kids could do them with very little help.
Since M was a baby we have always gone over to my parents house to have dinner and trick or treat. Well late Halloween afternoon my mom called and said they weren't going to be at home, that my brother and his family were going to be at a local firehouse halloween party and they were invited (my brother and his family live about an hour away and have always chosen to stay there to trick or treat). Well I was just a little upset! We don't know our neighbors well enough to trick or treat, and hardly anyone in our neighborhood hands out candy ( one day I hope to live in a nice neighborhood where everyone hands out candy and LOTS of kids trick or treat, of course if that ever happens our kids will probably be too old to trick or treat). So I wasn't sure what we were going to do, didn't really have anywhere to go! Then my mom called and said we could come too, I wasn't thrilled but at least we had somewhere to go. We went to the firehouse party, my brother and his family hardly talked to us- don't know what there deal was?!; it was SUPER crowded and it just wasn't "Halloween" to us, I like tradition. However with all that said the kiddos had fun and got candy. I was bummed because we don't have any pictures of the kids "trick or treating", especially of L on her first Halloween where she could participate. Anyhoo I hope next year we go back to the "traditional" Halloween. M went as supergirl, H went as Jan.go and L went as Str.awb.err.y Sho.rt.cak.e.
Update on the accident we were involved in:
We got the police report this afternoon, doesn't have the guys insurance, says he has it but didn't have it with him. I would be willing to bet he doesn't have any! Oh and their apparently was a passenger in the  car- which makes me even more suspicious of what went on, because the guy had been drinking (blew .048 and legally drunk is .08) and said he had worked all night and was tired. I just don't get how two people in the car can get on the wrong way, speeding and they not realize it unless they were on drugs and or drunk!!! I am sooooo upset with everything it makes me sick! So now we have to try and contact this guy, send a certified letter etc.. to get his insurance info and if we can't then we have to take him to court!
Anyhoo that is the latest. Hope everyone has a great (and safe) weekend!

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  1. I hope your weekend is peaceful and happy, without any red eyes!