Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I'm here

Sorry it has been a bit, hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and if you participated in Black Friday had a good shopping experience with lots of good bargains. Me Thanksgiving was good, the two youngest had the start of a cold, which I thought was H's allergies and L's teething. We got together with family we hadn't seen in a while, which was nice. Friday was spent at home, just vegging- hubby works on Friday and I don't do black Friday shopping. As it turned out the three kids and I weren't feeling real good, L started running a fever and by Saturday M and L were both running low grade fevers. Hubby wasn't happy that the kiddos were sick because we were suppose to go to his family for Thanksgiving on Saturday. He ended up going as soon as his workout was done on Saturday, he did take H with him because he threw a fit to go, so I stayed home all afternoon and evening with the girls trying to get them better. Thankfully my mom brought some Thanksgiving leftovers for us to eat, as I didn't have much in the house for dinner and didn't want to drag the girls out in the cold weather. It was nice just to relax, nap and not do much however I was bummed that we didn't get any Christmas decorating done:( I have no idea when we will get to the decorating, with Hubby's crazy schedule it doesn't lend it self to much of that. Hubby isn't much for decorating, although he will do the outside lights for me and help set up the Christmas tree; what I really need help with right now is getting all the stuff up from the basement- hopefully this weekend.
We did get some good news last weekend:) The owner of the car, that caused the accident that we were in finally contacted us, so we are starting to move on getting my car fixed:)
Well I have made it to week 7 (by our calculations) and this Thursday is our first ultrasound- the viability scan. I am so nervous, I have run every scenario over and over in my head. I want to be prepared but we are so excited for this baby, I pray and pray that all is well and we see a beautiful, healthy baby with a heartbeat:) My back is still bothering me off and on, which of course gets me worried- I know it is "normal" as long as there is no bleeding- which thank God there has not been. I started worrying that something has happened when I don't have any symptoms, or I don't "feel" pregnant which is crazy I know because I am only 7 weeks but it still freaks me out. I am hoping that I get some comfort in the ultrasound. Over Thanksgiving I found out that my cousin had an ectopic pregnancy (she had to have surgery for, and thankfully the surgery went smoothly with very little bleeding and no damaged to her tubes), so then my mind started to wondering and worry. I try to not worry because I know it is not good for me or the baby and it accomplishes nothing; I am trying to pray each time I start to worry. My ultrasound is scheduled for this Thursday at 10am- please pray for us and for our baby, that we see a beautiful healthy baby with a beautiful healthy heartbeat:) (It would be a great way to celebrate our 10 yr wedding anniversary that is this Friday!)
I will try to update everyone sometime Thursday afternoon.

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