Thursday, November 8, 2012


I've been waiting ALL day, with my stomach in knots for the doctors office to call with my Beta hcg results. Every time the phone rang, I would get nervous and my heart would race- I know not good for me or the baby. Finally at 4:10 I could take it no longer I was so afraid the doctors office would close and I wouldn't get the results till tomorrow. So I called, and whoever gave me the results was nice but I still have answers I need answered. My beta was 444.6 (it was 201) on Monday so that is a good number:) I just want to know where we go from here, hoping for an ultrasound around 6 weeks. Anyhoo they are suppose to call me back to let me know but I doubt I will hear something today. I'm just relieved to have a good number. I pray that this pregnancy continues to go smoothly and our little surprise/ miracle continues to stay put and grow!!! THANK YOU ALL for the support and prayers- please keep them coming we have a long road ahead of us- I hope and pray!