Monday, August 8, 2011

growing up too fast!!!

Well our little Miss L is growing and changing so much! In the last week or so she has started smiling at us, her face just lights up and I LOVE it!!! Then today she found her voice and she was laughing and "talking" to me. Oh it was so cute and precious. I just love her soooo soooo much and I am loving this opportunity to experience it once again.
A couple of you have mentioned pictures and wanting to see our precious little one. Well here is the deal, I do not feel comfortable posting pictures of my kiddos on a public blog, I am sorry but that is just how I feel. I have a private blog that I try to post pictures on when blogger will let me. I have apparently reached my limit of pictures I can post? So I have to make slide shows of my pictures and post those- I don't really care for this method but I don't have much choice.
Pictures, we are still having "issues" over the pictures. I really really want to go to a "real" photographer however hubby says no and I understand money is tight especially this month (we have the start of school which means school supplies for two kiddos, uniforms for one, two kiddos birthdays which involves three parties, presents etc... and our oldest daughters gymnastics dues are do and our son is starting soccer so we have that to pay for as well- OUCH!). However our Miss L is only little once and I want to capture that in good quality pictures. We still haven't heard back from the e-mail that I sent last week, about some questions that I had and what we wanted on announcements. My mom ordered her pictures online (typically we order all the pictures and share them with the grandparents but my mother can be VERY stubborn!) and she already has hers!! So I am really pissed now but what can I do?!
My incision did open back up some, I think when the doctor used the silver nitrate on it caused it to open back up. However I think that is closing back up and I am not too concerned about it. I am taking care of it, cleaning it with peroxide and bandaging it twice a day and hopefully that will take care of it.
This week is the last week of "summer" for us because our oldest daughter starts school next week:( I am so not ready. Thankfully this week the temps are suppose to "cool" off  with less humidity so I am planning so do some special outdoor activities with the kiddos before school starts. Hope everyone has a great week!

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