Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I think I need a PH.D!!!

Okay back when I was pregnant I bought one of the wraps because they looked comfy and would come in handy with three kiddos etc... Well I got it out the other day to attempt to use it because it really could come in handy. LOL!!! I could NOT believe the instructions- 8 yes 8 steps to put the stupid thing on and I was stuck on step #3 UGH! I swear I think I need a PH.D to figure this thing out, that or a rocket scientist neither of which I have. I have yet to re-attempt putting the thing on, I am so frustrated with it but at the same time I really want to use it. Anyone out there have one and have any advice?
On a different note I think my kiddos have been watching way too much television between me not being able to get out and the heat etc... So today the weather was GORGEOUS, low 80's for temps with low humidity etc.. so I decided to take the kiddos to the park as a surprise. Well all they did was complain from the time we got there, they wanted to go to a different park, why didn't I pack a lunch?, etc... then my son tells me it would have been better if they had a tv there! I asked Where at the park? his reply: Yep momma! UGH!!!! So frustrating. I thought about attempting the zoo tomorrow however with todays attempt a bomb I am not so sure that is a good idea. So after all there complaints, etc... we left the park after only 20 or so minutes there. The sad part is that Miss L was really enjoying the fresh air!


  1. I have the Moby, Cala LOVES it, but it is complicated to put on. Basically, once you get it, you know how to do it, but if she's screaming, it's frustrating trying to get it on while she cries! I fold it in half the long way, have the tag right in the middle of me, wrap each side up over my shoulders, then tuck them into the wrap in front crossed over one another, then yank the ends back tight and tie it off. It's hard, but I tried one of those slings that is just one piece and it was NOT comfy and Cala wouldn't stop screaming! I tried ordering a bigger size to see if that was the problem, I'll let you know. I got it from with a promo where I only paid shipping, see if putting in breastfeeding in the code will let you still do it!

    Sorry the kids complained at the park, I'd LOVE to get out, but at 110* I really think it's too hot to get the little one out in that :(

  2. I have a Moby wrap and also had a very hard time figuring it out the first time! It worked better the 2nd time after I studied the pictures for awhile! Good luck!

  3. I'm hit or miss with my Moby wrap. Sometimes I get it just right and other times, it's either too loose or too tight or baby girl is too fussy to tolerate it. Like you, I'm determined to use it. I could really use two hands around here!!!