Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Well we finally took our little one for pictures, she is exactly 6 weeks yesterday!!! We took her to a different portrait place than we normally go. We have been going to the same portrait studio since our oldest daughter was a newborn, so I was nervous. We went to the place where we had our 3d/4d ultrasound done and where my hubby has connections. So Anyhoo the pictures are adorable because they are of our sweet little one however I was not real impressed and really disappointed in our session. I took two outfit changes and all she took pictures of was her in her diaper, which I wanted some that way, just not all. She had only allowed a half hour for our session which isn't much time at all! She kept saying I wish she was more sleepy- well had I known that's what she wanted I could have scheduled the appointment when she is normally sleepy. We did get some good pictures there just isn't a good selection, it is a lot of the same poses. I also wanted to a collage of pictures of her body parts-hands, feet, head etc... Well when we got online to view our pictures there were only ones of her head and feet, even though she took Picts of her hands. So to sum things up I'm pretty bummed, however hubby thinks they are great and since he is friends with them I can't voice my opinion. Truth be told I want to go some where else to have her pictures re-done! However hubby won't hear of it:( so I just have to make due with what we have!
On the milk production front, I have been taking the herbals since last Thursday without any noticeable difference in milk amounts:( I'm really disappointed I was hoping this was the answer! So it looks like I'm going to be returning the pump and going to strictly formula. As of right now I'm lucky if I produce 3oz of milk a day, I just don't see any reason to keep doing it, however I'm having a very difficult time giving it up! I feel let down, and such a failure, it's like my body can't do anything right.

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  1. I ended up doing the same thing with the pumping. Though I didn't go as far as taking herbals. I'm annoyed that it's just another thing my body couldn't get right. however, now that I've stopped for a bit I am a bit less stressed.