Thursday, August 11, 2011

I DID it!!!!!

So last night I was determined I was going to get that wrap thing on and use it!!! Well after getting some tips, and seeing some more pictures I got the wrap on with Miss L in it!!!!! YAH!!! I was so excited, now it wasn't perfect but I was so proud that I actually got to the point where she was in it and I was using it. I am sure after more use and practice I will get better at it.
Today was a FABULOUS day:) Miss L slept through the night till 7am WOO-HOO!!! We had a good morning, things went smoothly and I decided to take advantage of the LOVELY and yes I do mean LOVELY weather we have been having. For most of the summer we have been having HOT HOT days with HIGH humidity. But thankfully this week we are in the 80's with yesterday and today in the low 80's with low humidity. So I decided to venture to the zoo with the kiddos and we had a WONDERFUL day together it was really really great. Miss L slept through most of it but when I fed her we were at the playground at the zoo in the shade and she LOVED it:) I was so happy to have a great day with my kiddos before school starts next week for my oldest. Trying to get as much "FUN" in before school starts, who knows what tomorrow will bring:)

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