Monday, August 22, 2011

a sick little one:(

We had a busy weekend getting ready for H's big family birthday party- he had a great time and even told us it was the BEST birthday ever till everyone had to leave- LOL! Saturday I spent all day getting ready for the party, cleaning the house etc... and poor Miss L just wasn't herself, fussy, spitting up quite a bit, not taking all her bottles etc.. She had been having some congestion that I was using saline and suction but really wasn't getting much. Then on Sunday poor Miss L started running a fever, it never went over 100 but still worried me. My hubby also left yesterday afternoon for 10 days on a business trip- I was already worried about having all three kiddos and keeping my sanity etc... I noticed throughout the day yesterday that Miss L seemed to be getting worse- I could see it in her eyes, and she was getting more congested. I was surprised that she slept through the night, her last bottle was around 9pm and I had to wake her up around 6:30 am to give her a bottle (I had to wake her because I didn't want her waking up as we were going out the door to take my other daughter to school etc...). She seemed really congested, had developed a cough etc but wasn't running a fever. I decided I was going to call the doc first thing and get an appointment, my main concern was rsv- we dealt with that with H when he was a baby. Luckily I got a morning appointment with the pediatrician I usually try to avoid but he was actually great with L and with me too:) He too was concerned about rsv so they tested L which involved a nose swab, and a heel prick:( L was a trooper! THANKFULLY it was not rsv just a nasty virus but that also means there is nothing they can do. L has her 2 month check-up on Wed. (they did weight her today and my little chunky monkey is 12 pounds 10oz!!!!!) which I am glad that we will be going back this week so they can determine if she is getting better etc... Although I am seriously thinking about waiting on her shots until she is better- anyone have thoughts on that?  I just want L to get better I HATE it when one of my kiddos is sick:( L is just pitiful, you can tell she feels bad but she still gives me the BIGGEST grins that just melt my heart:)
On another note, M had a great day at school- hope this is a trend:) Although mornings are still horrible- she just is NOT a morning person at all!!! I am just happy happy happy to hear that she is having good days at school and seeing her shining face when I pick her up at school.

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