Thursday, August 25, 2011

Two month check-up

Yesterday was Miss L's two month check-up, good grief where does the time go?? Miss L is perfect (but then we already knew that). She seems to be getting over the virus/cold. Miss L is basically an average length, chubby little girl with lots of brains:) she is in the 50% for length and the 90% for weight and head circumference. I dis go ahead and get her shots since she hadn't run a fever since Sunday and seemed to be doing better! I hate shots but they are a necessary evil. Poor L had to get two shots, one in each leg-OUCH! yesterday afternoon you could tell the shots were bothering her, she was very fussy and just not herself. I'm hoping today will be better.
Well this morning I dropped M off at school, I'm home pumping and then heading off to a parent mtg at H's school. It's never ending, run, run,run!!! Oh almost forgot I FINALLY got L's 6week baby pictures and announcements- long story, just glad to FINALLY have them even though the order was screwed up!

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