Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rough morning for Mommy!!!!

I have had a very rough morning, hoping my day gets better!!!! First of all this is kind of an emotional week for me, yesterday Miss L turned 8 weeks old; today my oldest started kindergarten and tomorrow my son turns 4years old- my kiddos are growing up WAY TO FAST:(
Our morning was going smoothly (aside from Miss L spitting up on daddy's uniform for work and then peeing on him while he was changing her-LOL!!!), M woke up without any issues for the first day of school, ate breakfast, and got ready for school without any issues from her:) which is HUGE because she is NOT a morning person and she has to get up super early since school starts at 7:50am!!  H slept in since he didn't have school, so I just put flip flops on him and he rode to M's school in pj's. We were able to get pictures of M in her school uniform with mommy and daddy. Then it was time for daddy to head to work and mommy to take M to school for her first day of kindergarten. Everything was going well, and I was holding it together well until carpool line. M decided she wanted to go through carpool line, which I was okay with however it moved faster than I anticipated and before I knew it she was out of the car and on her way into school like a big girl (she looked so small, with her backpack on going into school with the "big" kids). The only problem was mommy wasn't prepared and I didn't get to give her a kiss or a hug:( Well as I pulled off I lost it, I was a mess crying and trying to drive while H is in the backseat asking me over and over what was wrong? Then next thing I know I am getting pulled over by a cop! Of course the cop walks up and I am a sobbing mess, and I try to explain to him what was going on however he was none to sympathetic. Apparently when I registered my vehicle at the beginning of the year I forgot to put the renewal sticker on the license plate (it was cold and snowy when I did it and then just forgot to put the sticker on) so that is why I was pulled over- thankfully I had the sticker on the registration in the glove box so he made me get out and put it on right then, He also said I was speeding- I was going at most 5 over the speed limit, I was going down a large hill and breaking trying to slow my momentum when he pulled me over. UGH!!! Just what I needed this morning! Thankfully he only gave me a warning, but something tells me he will be looking for me each morning!
I am looking forward to this afternoon when I get to pick M up from school and hear all about her day. I hope and pray that she has a fabulous first day and loves her new school, classmates and teacher.


  1. what a day, indeed! hope tomorrow is better!

  2. I hope today is a better one than yesterday!