Friday, July 29, 2011


Okay I know I am slacking in blogging, but I am just overwhelmed with all that I have on my plate right now. We survived the weekend, with all the wedding festivities- it was a beautiful wedding:) My daughter had a blast being the flower girl, and of course she was adorable! She really enjoyed getting her nails and hair done as well as all the pictures taken;) LOL! It was great seeing all my family especially some that we don't see very often.
Enough about the wedding, I want to talk about my milk supply or lack there of, well apparently it was conversation of my husband and a co-worker?! Anyhow she suggested- and uses herbals to help her with her milk supply. I was wondering if any of you all have heard of this, used them etc... Yes my husband has purchased them and I started taking them so we shall see. I'm taking blessed thistle and fenugreek, 9 capsules of each throughout the day. I really hope this helps! I am thinking if it doesn't help then I will probably be done with pumping etc.. Because I just don't produce enough, although the doctor said some is better than none.
Our little girl is doing fantastic:) she is growing and changing so much!!! We are out of newborn diapers and some newborn clothes. She finally likes/ tolerates bath time; becoming more expressive and starting to find her voice:) We are still dealing with some gas issues, but the changes we have made seem to help.
I went to the doctors once again- yes I have been going once a week for what seems like forever! Incision looks good, healing up slowly and it is still open (but closing up). I go back again next week for my 6 week post partum check as well as an incision check.
Hard to believe August is all but here! I am starting to gear up for the start of school for my two kiddos, I am so not ready for summer to be over/ school to start:( I also have my kiddos birthday parties to plan, so if I am not blogging much I apologize but I have a lot on my plate. I am reading and trying to stay up to date on everyone elses blogs!


  1. I have heard of people taking the fenugreek and have heard that really helps, so I'm praying that works for you too!! We have some gas issues too, what have you done differently? My incision is closed, but the steri-strips gave me a horrible rash that is spreading and itches like poison ivy!! boo!! Glad baby girl is doing well!! I hope you post pics soon (or email me one!).

  2. We switched formulas (similar sensitive), switched bottles to the dr brown ones and we used mylacon for a while but we haven't needed them lately:) I also have been more aware of what I eat- no broccoli, onions etc...
    I also have issues with tape for my incision- my skin gets raw:( and I'm using paper tape.

  3. I have really low milk supply and it never was enough to supplement much of anything. I was always behind so I gave it up. I thought about doing the herbal route with fengreek and the weird teas, but I couldn't see myself drinking a million cups of tea and taking lots of pills. I hope it works for you though.

  4. Yes...the fenugreek does work..but it will take several days to see a change..AND...don't freak out...but you will start thinking you are smelling maple syrup all the is a weird side effect of the herb that you and your milk will smell like that. Don't are not losing your mind.
    So glad to hear baby is doing well and you are too.