Tuesday, July 5, 2011

rough road of recovery

Like I said in my previous post everything was going smoothly with my recovery, I was released from the hospital on Thursday afternoon after they took my staples out. I was home resting and trying to breast feed, recovery and get into some type of routine. I was very weak because I had lost a lot of blood during the c-section so I am no anemic and on a high dose of iron 2 times a day. Things were going smoothly until Thursday night when we were getting ready for bed that is when we noticed my incision was bleeding quite a bit and after further inspection found that my incision had opened up. Well needless to say I was FREAKED out!!! I just knew I was going to have to go back to the hospital and would once again be separated from our little girl. Thankfully we called the on call doctor and she said that from what we were saying as long as we bandaged it good that we could wait to be see in the office the next day so that is what we did.
The next day- Friday we headed to my doctors where they cleaned out he incision, packed it and bandaged it up and ordered home health to come in a do the same thing twice a day. That is what I have been dealing with and continue to deal with since June 23rd. I am hoping and praying that it heals up very soon! At one point because I was running a fever they thought it was getting infected but thankfully it turned out that it was not:)
On top of all this I was severely constipated! I could not believe they let me leave the hospital without having a bowel movement but they did. I ended up having a bm the day that I came home from the hospital and the next day but then I didn't have one for very LONG time- 7 days!!!! They started me on medicine (Co.lac.e) and that didn't do anything and I was getting really really uncomfortable. Then finally on the following Thursday they said I would have to do an enema so hubby ran to the store to get one for me. Well as it turns out that is all I would need to see the enema box with the instructions to scare the "poo" out of me! LOL!!! Thankfully things have been running more smoothly lately in that department.
Breast feeding has been a slow, painful, and heartbreaking process. Yes I am thankful that I am able to breast feed because I know that there was a good chance that I was not going to be able to due to breast augmentation some years ago. However my milk production has been slow and low, but thankfully after talking with my doctor he prescribe something that would help with production and has seemed to help some. Our little one however has issues with latching (I have tried nipple guards however she won't breast feed when I use those and I have heard that they can decrease your milk production too) which is painful for me and causes sores on my nipples. So we are working through all of this( I am pumping and encouraging breast feeding too but she prefers the bottle because it is quicker and easier) while I am still trying to heal.
Once the kiddos came home from my parents house it was a re-adjustment for everyone especially for our son who is the youngest. We had a lot of jealousy issues, misbehavior and attitude issues from both of them which is all to be expected but we are trying to work through all them and help them as much as possible. This past weekend my parents took them to the lake for a couple of days and then when they came back my hubby made a special day and took them to the movies etc... So we are slowly all adjusting.
Today is my first day at home with all 3 kiddos by myself, hubby had to go back to work. Things are going pretty smoothly so far, hopefully we will all continue to adjust.Also say a few prayers for me today I have a doctors appointment to check an area of my incision that has healed up and stayed closed however it is hard, red and starting to hurt which could mean a blood clot and they would have to re-open me:(


  1. Bless your sweet heart! Sounds like a lot of adjustment and trials, but I am very happy your daughter is here and healthy. Praying all the other things fall into place too and that you don't have to be reopened, that is not on our to do list right now! ;)

  2. I also had complications as a result of my c-section...so sorry that you are having to go thru this! :(