Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One Month!!

Yes it is hard to believe our beautiful little girl is already one month old!!! She is growing up WAY to fast, this past month has flown by but I am loving every second with her, it is such a blessing. Today I took her for her one month check-up and she is perfect- but then we already knew that;)  She is gaining weight without any issues (unlike when she was first born when she was losing weight), she is now up to 9lbs 13oz and in the 70%!
While I was at the pediatrician's today I discussed our little one's gas issues, and they gave us a prescription. I am not thrilled about giving her medication but if it helps her than I guess we will do it. We have changed formulas that we are supplementing to the breast milk, we have also purchased different bottles- the dr.bro.wn one's and we have been using drops and all those things have helped but she is still having issues. She seems to do better with breast milk and I wish I could produce more so that she didn't have to take formula at all but I need to be thankful that I can even produce milk etc..
Tomorrow is my "check-up" day I go to my endocrinologist for follow up as well as my ob for incision check- another busy day, hoping for all good news for me:)


  1. Wow time has flown by, that seems crazy to me that she is already that old too! Hope your next few appts go well.

  2. I don't produce a lot of breastmilk either. I think it's party my fault as I simply do not want to put the time in it takes to do full time nursing (I applaud each mama who does -- it's a lot of work!!!!). It's all about doing whatever you need to for your child. xoxo