Saturday, July 2, 2011

I'm still here

I promise I'm still here, it has just been one thing after another around here! I'm hoping to get our little girl's birth story posted this weekend or early next week:) Like I've said I've been dealing with a lot and trying to get adjusted. Hubby goes back to work on Tuesday so reality will really set in, then.
I'm having issues with breast feeding, I'm very thankful that I'm even producing milk since as I've said before I had breast reduction/ lift some time ago. But I wasn't producing much milk, thankfully I mentioned it to my OB and he gave me a prescription that should help- fingers crossed. The other issues are that the little one isn't much on breast feeding, and she doesn't latch properly:( I'm not sure what to do there. In the mean time I'm pumping, and still offering the breast hoping she will breast feed.
Another issue that I've been dealing with is the night that I came home from the hospital my c-section incision opened up! Freaked me out!!! They had used staples, and took those out right before I left the hospital. Anyhow I've been going back and forth to the doctors to have it looked at/ re-checked; as well as having home health come every day to pack it, clean it and bandage it. My mom has been coming in the evenings to do the same thing because it has to be done twice a day. I'm just hoping it heals ups quickly! Anyhoo this is a little of what I've been dealing with:( I figured while I was pumping I could try and type up a post in my phone- first time I've done this hope it works!
I'm still trying to read and comment on everyone's posts. Hope you all have a Happy and Safe fourth of July!!


  1. My goodness, that's awful about your incision! I'm praying that heals up quickly, that has got to be uncomfortable! Have you had a lactation consultant come help with baby's latching? Wish there was something I could do to help out! Can't wait to hear the birth story and thinking about you often!

  2. I hate that you have had such problems with your incision. Recovering from a C-section is tough enough!

    I also had a reduction and am attempting to breastfeed, so I feel your pain. I have been trying teas and herbs to increase my supply, and I think I will be contacting the Dr. to get a prescription as well. My milk has come in and is currently sufficient for him, but I am afraid that my supply will not increase to cover Carder's needs.

    Due to either Mother Nature or my reduction, I have flat nipples and I have been having issues with latching as well. Have you tried a nipple shield? Medela makes them and they are sold in most stores in the same area as the breast pump supplies. They go over your nipple and make it easier for them to latch onto. A lot of lactation consultants/doctors discourage their usage because they think that you should go with just the breast. BUT, if using the guard helps to stretch out the ligaments so that eventually they CAN latch. AND it lets you acheive a latch in the mean time, I am all for it. Since using the shield, I have noticed a difference in my nipples and we have actually acheived a latch without the guard a couple of times.

    Best of luck with the breastfeeding! I look forward to hearing more!