Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Birth Story

Okay I am going to attempt to post our little one's birth story. I had a scheduled c-section for June 20th at 9:30am. We of course had to get to the hospital by 7:30 so the kiddos spent the night at my parents house (where they would be staying for the rest of the week) to make things more smoothly. Thankfully my brother took the day off from work and he took our kiddos to their Vacation Bible school Monday morning (my brother and sister-in-law took care of our kiddos that day for us- thankfully so that my parents could be at the hospital).
Check-in and pre-op "stuff" went smoothly, my parents arrived early so they were able to hang out in the room with us before the c-section. I met the anesteciologist, it was not the same one I had met with to discuss my history but I ended up liking this anesticaologist as well if not better he was very comforting and talked me through everything.
We of course got bumped by an emergency c-section so it ended up being later than anticipated but not too much later. When it was time I was walked in the OR while hubby waited (for 45 minutes!) outside while they prepped me-  I had to have an atrial line (that is an IV put into an artery in your wrist), a regular IV, central line (that is an IV in your neck- it is sewen in! OUCH!), a catheter, and the spinal/ epidural combo all administered or put in prior to hubby entering the OR. The worst of all that was the central line put into my neck- no fun at all:(
Then once hubby entered the OR things went pretty fast, and everything went smoothly.  I felt some tugging and pulling but other than that nothing. Then our sweet little girl entered the world at 11:13am weighting 8.6 lbs and 20inches long and a nice set of lungs. As soon as I heard her cry and saw her sweet face the tears were flowing, our healthy little girl had arrived!!!! Hubby went over and took pictures and watched as they assessed and cleaned up our little one; and the doctors finished up on me. We got some great first pictures including pictures of hubby, myself and our little one.
Then came the upsetting news for me- our little one would be going to the nursery and I would be going to ICU for monitoring for at least 24 hours. Thankfully the let me hold our daughter all the way to the nursery, so our plans (of one hour of bonding just the 3 of us followed by the kiddos meeting their new sister first before anyone else) went out the window and then my parents and hubby's parents were out in the hallway so when they wheeled us out they were the first to see her and all her hair! (She has reddish blond hair that was in a Mohawk! LOL!)
I was devastated that they weren't going to let our daughter in my room, so that meant I would not be able to see her until I was transferred to a regular room in a minimum of 24 hours:( So needless to say I was quite upset and emotional. Thankfully hubby got to the bottom of things, turns out nursery was saying ICU wouldn't let the baby down there and ICU was saying nursery wouldn't let the baby down in ICU. So after a little bit of convincing hubby got them to allow our little one in my room for feeding since I had plans of attempting to breast feed (even though unbeknown st to us she had already been give 2 bottles in the nursery at some point in the first day while I was in ICU). So I was happy to see our little one and for our kiddos to be able to meet their little sister.
After 24 hours in ICU I was moved to a regular room and really for the rest of my visit (I had the c-section on a Monday and was released on Thursday afternoon) things went smoothly. Our little stayed in our room the entire time (unless she had testing or nurses were switching shifts etc...) and it was nice to be able to take care of her myself.
Our little one was losing weight which is quite normal in newborns however she was very close/ right at the 10% mark so we were going to really have to watch her wet/ dirty diapers and bring her to the peds office on Saturday morning for a weight check. I really think this was all due to my milk production or lack there of, it took some time for my milk to actually come in and when it did it wasn't that much:( I will update on this in my next post.
Things went smoothly coming home and things were going well until my first night home and that is where I will write my next post.

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  1. so glad to hear all went well! and that is a healthy sounding baby girl! can't wait for pictures. xoxo