Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rough Weekend

Well the weekend started off good but went downhill fast! Friday night was good, we went out to dinner and dessert (for the kiddos), something low key etc... Then Saturday morning my mom attempted to take my son to his taekwondo class however he refused to go in:( So I wasn't going to push the issue and it was a good thing, turns out little man wasn't feeling good and ended up running a fever later in the day. Then that afternoon we had a girls outing, my mom, both girls and myself did a little shopping- I needed a dress for my cousin's wedding next weekend- ended up getting 2 dresses:)
Then after getting home we were getting ready for my niece and nephew to spend the night until we realized little man was running a fever, and a few hours later I started feeling like crap! I couldn't get warm for anything, I started running a fever and I think I have mastitis:( It was a rough nights sleep for all of us. Today- Sunday we are having a lazy quiet day, as I am still not feeling 100% and little man is still running a fever:(
On top of all this our little lady is having issues with gas- major gas!!! I feel horrible for her and wish there was something I could do to help her. I swear when she passes gas she sounds like an old man. Thankfully we go to the doctors this week for her 1 month check-up and I am going to talk to them about it. We have tried a different formula as well as drops anybody with suggestions on how to help our little one would be greatly appreciated.
I just hope we all start feeling better, we have a CRAZY week ahead! The beginning of the week is a normal week however it gets crazy from there- we have 4 doctors appointments, the cleaning lady is coming at some point this week, my husband is going out of town for work most of the week and then next weekend is my cousin's wedding- Friday is the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner (my daughter is the flower girl so we have lots of wedding festivities next weekend); wedding on Sat which is an all day a fair with hair appointment in the morning, pictures at noon etc... then next Sunday they are having a post wedding brunch- WHEW I am worn out just thinking about everything we have going on this week. I will try to update, especially with our little girls one month check- up:)

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