Friday, July 8, 2011

Some good news!!!

I went to the doctor yesterday fully anticipating that they were going to have to re-open my incision up. However we got some great news!!! The left side that re-opened on it's own is healing up very nicely and home health is no longer needed:) yah!!! The right side still has the blood clot but it no longer appears to be infected:) so they are hoping my body will just absorb the blood clot. So now I go back next Friday for a follow up to see how everything is looking. I'm so relieved that things seem to finally be healing up.
This weekend I'm going to venture out to the local park. The adoption agency is having there annual picnic this Saturday and we are going to go for a little while, hoping the weather cooperates and it's not too steamy hot! Our plans are to go first thing when it's not too hot. Hope everyone has a great weekend!