Thursday, September 15, 2011


Well Miss L has been having a time lately. She started spitting up more, quite a bit more several weeks ago when she had a cold and was really congested, I just chalked it up to congestion. Well she isn't nearly as congested and she is spitting up more, at times she is like a fountain, and this can happen 2 hours after a feeding! Needless to say we go through lots of outfits, burp clothes and bibs! So I decided it was time to call the pediatrician to see what they think we should do, I called yesterday morning and they finally got back to me this morning. The doctors suggestions: reduce her feedings by 1 ounce; keep her elevated at, at least 30 degree angle at all times, burp her good (which we do, every ounce or so) and had rice cereal into her bottles. Here is the thing I am not comfortable with the rice cereal etc... We didn't start our other two on cereal until 6 months old, there is some controversy in starting cereal too soon. So what would you do? My thought is to try everything else first before resorting to cereal. I would love some feed back and suggestions!
I have been pumping since Miss L was born and I have never gotten huge amounts by any means but I have noticed that my supply is starting to drop off- maybe an ounce sometimes just 1/2 and ounce each time a pump and mind you with my crazy schedule I am only able to pump 3 times a day. So I think the time has come to quite pumping:(  I am really sad about this for several reasons, I felt like I was doing something "special" for Miss L, I know how beneficial breast milk is and another (selfish) reason is that I really think it has helped with my weight loss and keeping the weight off etc... However I also know that the little bit she is getting probably isn't doing much for her, it would free up time to spend with all my kiddos but especially Miss L while the others are at school and would save us money that we are spending on the pump rental ($80 a month). In a perfect world my body would work like it is suppose to and I would be able to breast feed (and of course their wouldn't be IF!), but this isn't a perfect world. For now I have the pump till the 21st of this month so I will continue to use it and pump what little I can get till then, but I know it is not going to be easy to quite:(
On another note I am hoping to be able to blog more fingers crossed! We are almost through the birthdays, M and H have their joint friends party this weekend- I will be making at least 50 cupcakes! This past weekend was Miss M's 6th birthday and I have to admit I was a little disappointed in my family (it was her family party), only about half of who was invited showed up! We had TONS of food left over because as usual NO ONE in my family RSVP's- I don't understand that! I was hoping that Miss M was busy having fun not to notice however she asked me several times why weren't there many people at my party? I felt so bad for her, but I also know she enjoyed playing with her cousins and having the one spend the night. Anyhoo, hopefully things will begin to settle down after that:) I am also looking forward to more Fall weather!!!!! We are having some more fall weather today and tomorrow and I am loving it!!!!


  1. Hoping that Miss L will feel better soon! I can't imagine how frustrating it must be!

  2. By all means I'm not suggesting you continue to pump if you don't want to, but our lactation consultant told us even just 1 oz a day gives our kiddos what they need for healthy nutrition and antibodies... so don't be discouraged! I don't get a lot either... also, our girl has reflux too. i've found that weighting her bottle down a little bit with a little extra formula helps. as does all the burping! but some things you just can't help. our son had reflux too, and the only thing that helped was switching to soy.

  3. My son had reflux and we added cereal to his bottles starting at 7 weeks old. He did fine and it made soooo much difference in his spit up. By thickening the milk, it isn't as likely to be spit back up. I say just give it a try and see what happens...if it doesn't work...stop.

  4. LM has reflux too. We do the sitting up 30minutes after eating and he's on a special formula that is thickened with rice starch and zantac that seems to be helping some.