Tuesday, September 20, 2011

3 months old

I know hard to believe our sweet red headed princess is 3 months old today! Miss L is just growing and changing way too fast!!! She is a very very happy baby:) Her smiles just melt my heart and make getting up at 5am to start my day so much easier:) She is becoming more and more active, moving those arms and kicking those legs. She is "talking" more and more, it's so sweet to see her interact with her brother and sister. We are still having some spit up issues, but I'm just not ready to start cereal, I personally feel it's just too early. Anyhoo. On the issue of pumping- to stop or not too stop?! Well I felt guilty in stopping even with only getting minimal amount. So I decided to continue pumping. Here is the thing the day that I renewed the pump my milk production really dropped off?? Each time I pump I barely get enough to cover the bottom of the bottle. So now what to do? Ugh!!!! Why can't my body work right for once??? I know Miss L needs the antibodies especially with the cold season coming up! Anyhoo we will just have to see what happens, hoping my milk supply goes back to at least what it was!


  1. I had emailed you a while back about herbs. We finally solved my production issues. I have premature ovarian failure and produce almost no estrogen on my own. My lactation nurse and OB both told me not to go back on my hormones post pregnancy or the estrogen would dry up my supply. I went to see my RE and it turns out that you need low doses of estrogen for prolactin to work. I started taking low dose estrogen tablets and I no longer have to supplement with formula. I didn't know what your fertility issues were but thought I would share. Hang in there. I know it can be discouraging.

  2. Britney- I don't feel confortable posting pictures on my public blog. I do have a private blog that I post pictures on etc... If your interested I can add you as a reader, just let me know:)
    Lara- yes I remember you contacting me about the herbals, I did purchase them and saw a slight increase in my production, unfortunately not what I had hoped for, not to mention how nasty tasting that stuff is!!! As far as my infertility, it's basically undisgnosed, other than having ovulation issues/ regular cycle etc...