Monday, October 22, 2012

Need some Advice PLEASE!!!

Last minute decision (on my hubby's part) to have our family picture taken this week. I have been after hubby to talk to his friend that is a photographer and he finally did however with everyone's crazy schedules and trying to get some Fall color in the photos we are doing our photos this Wed. night. SO I need some advice on what to put everyone in, I need suggestions on outfits and colors. We are doing the pictures outside at a local park. The plan is to use these pictures as our Christmas cards etc...I don't know whether to put everyone in jeans and same color shirts; girls in matching outfits ? just what. So if you are a photographer PLEASE I welcome your input or if you have done outside picts before or just have an eye for this kind of thing- please please help!
THANKS a BUNCH in advance!!!


  1. Here is the Facebook page for my family photographer:

    I usually look through her work for inspiration on outfits. When I pick out clothes for photos I usually start with my own outfit and pick something solid. Then add in other complimentary solids and one or two coordinating prints. Good luck!

    1. THANK YOU Lara!!!! I think right now after a little shopping this morning we are going to all wear jeans and simple long sleeve shirts- I have a gray sweater; bought H a gray henley type shirt and the girls have plum colored shirts. Not sure what Hubby has but thinking he has a gray long sleeve shirt too. Hoping it looks good with the fall colors:)