Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Fun :)

I've been trying to squeeze in some Fall fun with our hectic schedules. This past weekend we didn't have a whole lot planned so I thought it was a good opportunity and our only one to go to the pumpkin patch as a family. We had planned on loading up and heading to the pumpkin patch (we were thinking of trying a new pumpkin patch in our area, it is a farm that I had been to at the beginning of the summer with the kiddos to pick strawberries) on Saturday after M's gymnastics, however hubby was in a fowl mood (that's putting it mildly), he didn't really want to go and the weather wasn't great either:( it was very cool, threatened rain all day etc...) So I agree to wait till the next day- Sunday when the weather was suppose to be better etc... however we would have to go to a different pumpkin patch because the one we planned to go to closed too early, since we couldn't go till after hubby got done with his class ( he personal trains on the weekends).
So needless to say Saturday after gymnastics we stayed in, I got into my comfy pj' pants and a t-shirt and we just hung out which was kinda nice for a change. Then Saturday night we made homemade pizzas- one of the kiddos favs and had family movie night watching the new Mad.aga.scar 3.
Sunday L and I went to church, hubby slept in and H and M didn't want to go to church with me :(   When I got back from church hubby and M headed to the studio for his class, M LOVES to go and "workout" with daddy, H really really wants to however hubby doesn't have the patience. Finally Sunday afternoon rolled around, and we had a GORGEOUS, sunny fall day to go to the pumpkin patch. We loaded up the car and the kiddos talked about what they were looking forward to the most, H- the corn cannon, M getting a cider slush and L was sleeping:) We had a beautiful 40 minute drive to the pumpkin patch, I loved seeing all the Fall color in the trees.
We get up the the same pumpkin patch we went to last year, and come to find out (and might I add was it NO WHERE to be found on their website!) they now charge admission!!! I was FURIOUS because we basically had no choice but to pay $26 (since we had already driven the 40 mins. the kids were sooo looking forward to it and we don't have another opportunity to go as a family to another pumpkin patch since next weekend is booked)  for our family to essentially "walk" onto their farm. That $26 did not  include the $1 per 3 shots at the corn cannon; the $2.00 for the cider slush; $3 to ride the pony or the cost of the pumpkins!!!! I could NOT believe it! We really really liked the place last year but after this year we will not be going back it is just too expensive, when there are too many other farms around that have just as much stuff to do and don't charge an arm and a leg- they don't even charge to get in. Okay I will stop ranting.
H had fun shooting the corn cannon; all three kiddos enjoying playing in the kiddie hay maze; unfortunately the corn box, slides and swingsets were way too crowded/ lines were long and we didn't have a lot of time. We took a tractor ride out to the pumpkin patch and the kiddos picked out pumpkins- only H and M got to get a pumpkin because I was carrying L and hubby could only carry two pumpkins etc... so I plan on taking L somewhere local this week and letting her pick out a pumpkin.
We finally got all three kiddos their Halloween costumes-YAY!!!!! L is going to be strawberry sh.ort.cak.e; M is going to be Su.per.g.irl and H is going to be ( I am looking forward to next weekend with all kind of Halloween activities planned to go to:) H and M each have something at their schools- thankfully not at the same time! M has her halloween party at G. S.c.out.s- good times:)

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