Monday, October 29, 2012

Family Pictures

We had our family pictures taken this past Wednesday at a local park. My husband's co-worker is a professional photographer on the side and he is the one who took our pictures. I decided on everyone wearing jeans; H and hubby work gray Henley's; I wore a gray sweater and the girls wore purple long sleeve shirts. We looked good, coordinated etc. however I think we could have used a little more color in our outfits after seeing the pictures. We had a gorgeous fall afternoon at a local park close to our home and for the most part the kiddos did well. M was LOVING the camera, constantly posing  and smiling, she was eating it up. We got to see the proofs this past Saturday and he took a TON of pictures- hundreds!!! We haven't narrowed down which ones we are going to get but we have quite a few good ones to choose from. We did family pictures, then kids individual, just the kids and then just the two of us- this Nov. is our 10th wedding anniversary. I am looking forward to creating our Christmas cards with these pictures too!

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