Tuesday, October 9, 2012

If anyone is still reading

Well all I can say is LIFE! Yes I've been busy and to be honest I couldn't tell you when the last time I got the laptop out, I've been using my phone lately for most everything. I have tried over and over to start a post only to not finish it and when I get back to it and I need to start over. Well today I am home with a sick kiddo:(   H is running a fever, yesterday he complained of a sore throat however once he found out he couldn't go to school because he was sick he said he was fine and not sick- he was very upset with me because I wouldn't let him go to school. Yes he loves school but he also has a little friend that he says he will miss- a little girl he plays with on the playground. I am hoping its just a little cold, he hasn't complained of a sore throat today, and he is just running a low grade fever this morning- so we shall see.
So what has been going on?! Well I am no longer a mini van momma!!! Yes after driving a mini van for almost 10 years I got an suv:)  I know you saying 10 years? Well right before we got married hubby and I bought a new vehicle, we decided on a mini-van because we planned on starting a family right away- LOL! So yes I drove around town in a mini van for several years without any kiddos. I've been wanting a suv for some time and a couple of years ago we attempted to buy a suv only to have a huge mess in purchasing a lemon etc.. so it made us very leery. Anyhoo long story short I got a nice large hybrid suv and I am loving it:)
Girl Scouts started for M, so every other week we have a meeting. She is also still doing volleyball however her last practice and game is this week- she really has improved over the season. This past weekends game she got 3 serves over the net!!! After the volleyball season ends she will be starting cheer leading- so no it never stops for this momma!!! M had conferences the end of last week, and she is doing AWESOME in school, we are so very proud of her!!! Yesterday at school M read on their morning broadcast- which is HUGE because she is so shy. She also volunteered to do a reading at church in an upcoming school mass, we are waiting to see if she gets picked and what she will be reading. I am one proud momma, she is really blossoming and doing so well at her new school- making all kinds of friends.
H is also doing  awesome at school, his OT seems to be helping alot as well. He started going full days one day a week last week. (His school, in kindergarten they have a graduated system where you go 5 days a week half days to start the school year; then in Oct they start going one day a week all day; then in January they will start going 2 days a week all day) He LOVED it he was sooooo excited to be able to take his lunch and eat at school with all his friends. We don't have conferences for him till next month but his open house is next week. H is going to start playing basketball in the next month or so- should be very interesting! I will keep you posted on how that goes!
L is into EVERYTHING!!!!! She definitely keeps me on my toes- LOL!!! She is still a great eater- anything and I mean anything I am eating she wants! She eats salad, sub sandwiches you name it she will at least try it. She is doing so much better at drinking milk. We are done with bottles :( but still taking a paci. She is doing awesome about sleeping in her own bed for naps and bedtime.
A week or so ago we took the kiddos to see Di.sn.ey on IC.e when it came to town- I won tickets!!!! Yes I was SHOCKED! I NEVER win anything and I won 4 tickets with awesome seats to see the show (L was free since she could sit in our laps and was less than 2 yrs of age). The kids LOVED the show, even L got into pointing to the characters she knew and dancing to the music. We had an awesome (cheap) family date night.
This past weekend we had my niece and nephew from Friday afternoon till Sunday afternoon (my brother and sister in law went out of town for their anniversary). So it was interesting having 5 kiddos- I must say for the most part everyone did well. Friday night we just stayed in and let the kiddos play etc... Saturday was our usual busy morning with gymnastics and then that evening we decided to be adventurous and take all the kiddos to the local zoo for the WorL.ds LA.rGE.st Ha.ll.OW.eeN P.arTY. Since it was kind of a last minute decision, I had not had a chance to buy the kiddos costumes nor did I had my niece and nephew's Halloween costumes so I told the kiddos to raid the dress up bin and come up with their costumes! H decided to go as El/M.O and  he was a HUGE hit with all the kiddos at the zoo- LOL! M went as Pr.inc.ess Ja.sm.ine; L went as a butterfly; my niece went as a b.ar.bie cheerleader (although she kept saying she was a black ba.r.bi.e cheerleader because it was very cool Saturday night and I told the girls to wear long sleeves and leggings under their outfits and my niece choose a black shirt and leggings.) and my nephew went as D.ar.TH VA.D.er.  I think all the kiddos had a great time, enjoyed each other's company and of course LOVED getting CANDY!!! Sunday morning the girls and I went to church and afterwards they had coffee and doughnuts so when the boys found out that they had missed out they were not too happy- but hey should have gone to church! LOL:)  Then M had her volleyball game on Sunday afternoon so she had her own little cheering section with her cousins, brother and sister- yes L yells for M at the games it is sooooo cute!!!  It was a good weekend but by Sunday night I was EXHAUSTED and not ready for Monday morning at all.
This weekend is another CRAZY weekend ahead!!!! M has gymnastics all morning, then hurry home change clothes and head to a birthday party for a girl on her vball team, its at a skating rink for 3 hours so by the time it is over M will be EXHAUSTED!!!! Then Sunday is a M and Mommy day:)  YAY!!! I'm excited. I hope to post more about that next week. M also has her last vball game and a girl scout meeting. WHEW! I don't know what I am going to do when all 3 kiddos are in sports/ activities!!!!
Anyhoo if you are still reading- pat yourself on the back- LOL! This was one long catch-up post and thanks for sticking around to read it:)

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  1. so good to hear from you! we've missed you. and I applaud the loss of the mini van. ; )