Monday, October 29, 2012

EVENTFUL and SCARY Saturday!

Friday evening was such a nasty night out, it was cool, windy and rainy so I decided we would just stay in, I would cook dinner and then we could all get in our comfy clothes and watch the football game- GO CARDS!!! Yes our beloved UofL Cardinals were playing football on Friday night and it was a thrilling game that they WON - they are undefeated this season:)
Saturday we had a busy day ahead M had gymnastics all morning and then we were planning on going to H's school for the fall festival there; then home for some rest, and dinner before heading to M's school for their fall festival. It wasn't a typical Sat. morning hubby was home- his personal training class he wasn't doing so he was trying to sleep in and I was taking M to gymnastics with the intention of leaving H and L at home. Well L woke up right before we left so I took her with me so that hubby could sleep in. We were on our way to the gymnastics place going down the freeway when a person doing about 80mph the WRONG way!!! He had sideswiped the car up ahead of us and was in our lane headed head on toward us! I got over on the shoulder as far as I could and was able to thankfully avoid him however the debris from his vehicle (one of his tires and a shredded rim) hit the front of my new vehicle- I had just gotten the tags for it on Friday! The debris messed the front of my vehicle up which is going to require some body work. Thankfully we were not hurt and like the police officer said it could've and should've been A LOT worse than it was! The guy was not "legally" drunk (in our state legally drunk is .08 and he blew a .048 on the Breathalyzer test), he said he had been working, was really tired and got on the wrong way, but like the cop said something just didn't sound right but given the law they couldn't arrest him. So now we have to wait 7-10 business days for the police report and then attempt to get our vehicle fixed. Here is the REALLY freaky part, one year ago to the DATE we were in another accident, where a person driving a U-haul pulled out and hit our vehicle (our mini-van that we traded in when we bought our new vehicle just recently); oh but wait there is more! Eight years ago this week we had just purchased a new car when a teenager pulled out and hit us. I think next October first of November I am NOT going to drive or go anywhere for that matter!!!!
M ended up missing gymnastics, by the time the EMS checked us over, we signed the refusal for care paperwork; the police did there paperwork; cleared the accident scene etc... we just decided to go on home. We did all go to both the Fall Festivals and had a good time. I have to tell you about the cake walk at M's school. She was so excited to do the cake walk- she had never done one but had read about it in a B. book. Well M won and what did she choose? no not brownies, cupcakes, cookies or even a chocolate or iced cake, nope she choose a store bought artificially flavored banana walnut cake! I said are you sure that this is what you want? But she was adamant that this is what she wanted- LOL! (just like the book with the main character B. wins and chooses a fruitcake!) Needless to say she was not a fan of the cake and it still sits on the kitchen counter with only one piece gone.


  1. I'm so glad you guys were not hurt on Saturday.
    The cake walk story cracked me up. Too cute!

  2. Wow, I'm so glad you weren't hurt! That's crazy that the accidents you've been in have all been around the same time of year!

    We had major work done on our car last week and TWO days later somebody hit it while it was parked in a grocery story parking lot. It was another $1900 on top of the $800 we had already spent. Oh, and it was a hit and run. Lovely, eh? At least my husband wasn't hurt (he was in the store.)

    The cake walk sounds cute. My daughter just did one the other night for the first time, too and loved it!