Monday, October 29, 2012

M and Mommy night

Thursday night I took M to see the K.ell/og.g'.s tour of G.ym/nas.ts. We were both VERY excited to see the show, and hubby did AWESOME with our tickets!!!! We had great seats- floor just a few rows back from the front. The only disappointment for M of the night well actually there was two- 1.) they didn't sell cotton candy- her fav! and 2.) they didn't do the vault- it was more of an artistic show than competition or showcase of events. I was frustrated with the place where they held the event because their machines/ system was done and they would only take cash for anything purchased, food, souvenirs etc... I did managed to get M a t-shirt and poster. We had a fun mommy and daughter night, but it was a late night for both of us, it was 10:30 before M got in bed (she typically is in bed by 8pm most nights) and 6am came way too early!

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