Monday, November 29, 2010

The Cat's Out of the Bag

I know I haven't been the best blogger, I have been busy but I am making up for it today with 3 posts:)  LOL!
Well Hubby and I had decided or so I though that we would wait till Christmas to tell everyone about our blessing. Then Thanksgiving morning we were having a lazy day around the house enjoying the parade on television and lounging in our pj's it was so nice. Then hubby comes to me and says he wants to tell everyone today, that he doesn't like keeping the secret and he wants prayers and support- that I get. So we sat the kiddos down, showed them the video of the ultrasound from the day before and then told them that they were going to be a big brother/ big sister again. Our daughter got it right away and she is super excited, she is so cute. However I was not quite prepared for some of the questions- "Who put the baby in there?" LOL! "What happens if the baby comes out brown?" my response:  "um, we will love it no matter what color it is or what it looks like however I am pretty sure it is going to have peach color skin". We hadn't had lunch yet and I was hungry, my belly growled and she thought the baby was growling at us!!! OMG gotta love it!
My son on the other hand didn't really say a whole lot and I am not sure he really gets it just yet.
My daughter of course wants a girl and my son wants a boy; my daughter then informed my son that if its a boy he better not teach it to aggravate her! I am telling you she is a mess. However my daughter already has names picked out (she has had them picked out for a while, if she ever had a brother or sister), thankfully I like them but I haven't gotten that far yet to begin thinking of names etc...
Then it was time to tell the family. We decided to include it in the blessing at Thanksgiving. So we said the blessing and then said our daughter is learning to be thankful at school etc... and she wants us to go around and say what they are thankful for this year. Then our daughter said she was thankful that we were going to have a baby- that mommy has a baby in her belly! I think everyone was shocked and not sure what to say because the room was silent. LOL!
So anyhoo, I guess telling everyone makes it seem more real. I have my next doctors appointment next Thursday, this is the first time I will be seeing my high risk obgyn, not too sure what to expect, but praying that all is well.


  1. YAY! Such an exciting day, I'm sure!

  2. What a wonderful Thanksgiving memory you created. I don't think you'll regret the decision to share your good news now. It's good to have the prayer support of those you love!

  3. Congrats!!! I haven't been reading the blogs i follow near as often so I missed that you were expecting! Congrats!!!