Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Week of Check-Up's

Last week I had a lab appointment for my endocrinologist, then on Friday I had my heart doctor check-up- I was kind of looking forward to this appointment. The heart doctors that I go to have seen me since birth, so I was excited to share our news with them however none of the docs that I usually see were in:(  However my appointment went great and I got a great bill of health. I will go back for another check up in my 2nd trimester (usually they see me once a year however they want to keep an eye on me).
Then today I had my endocrinologist appointment (diabetes doc). The appointment went great, she was very impressed with my labs, my blood sugar readings and my weight:) I was sooooo happy to hear all of that, a little sigh of relief! They want to see me back in 4.5 weeks they too want to keep an eye on me!
So now I have the "big daddy" appointment for the week the high risk obgyn- this will be my first appointment with them and I am assuming we will have another ultrasound. I am nervous for several reasons, never met the doc, not sure exactly what to expect and then of course the whole praying everything is okay with our little one. I will update as soon as I can, things have been a little more hectic around the house with the holidays etc... I am so far behind, usually by now I have my Christmas cards done and in the mail (they are ordered and I am waiting for delivery); majority of the shopping done and started on wrapping. However I have been tired and now I am coming down with a cold-UGH!!! The coughing started yesterday and I started feeling it in my chest (upper respiratory). My question is do I call my regular physican or just wait to talk to my obgyn on Thurs?


  1. My oh my! You have been busy. hard to say about the cold -- I had one a couple weeks ago and just dealt with it without talking to a dr. but you know your body best -- if you think you should call your regular dr now, do so.

  2. Wow that is a lot of doctors appointments. Glad all are going well so far. I hope the big one goes well as well.

  3. That is kind of what I am doing, is just dealing with the cold for now hoping it will go away on it's own! Now my son is sick:( I hate it when I am sick and one of the kiddos or both are sick. I debated on whether to take him to the doc too, however I am giving him another day and see how he does. He was running a fever yesterday:(
    Yes doctors appointments are going to keep me busy throughout my pregnancy but I knew this going in and I don't mind, gives me reassurance:)