Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Obgyn

I had my first appointment with the high risk obgyn that I will be seeing for the rest of my pregnancy. First off I want to say that I really like the doctor  and the nurses however the appointment took FOREVER!!!! My appointment with the nurse was at 11:30 (its suppose to take around an hour, I joked they had scheduled it that long because it was going to take that long to get all my history!) and then with the doc at 1:15. Well do to some lab tech taking an hour for lunch instead of 30 minutes  I didn't get out of the office till 2:50!
So I met with the nurse, she is wonderful and explained everything, basically whenever I have a question or concern my phone call will be directed to her or one other nurse. She also went over some other basics and took my history. Then we had to decided whether we wanted the down syndrome, trisomy, etc... testing. Hubby was kind of against it because he said it wouldn't change anything however I was for it just for the information etc... Hubby joked that the only reason I wanted it was because then I would get an ultrasound today (they surprisingly hadn't planned on doing one). In the end we went ahead with the testing- which the doc was glad we did and so am I and as an added bonus we got to see our beautiful little one:) and hear the heartbeat (twice, once in the ultrasound and once with the doppler with the doc). Oh and I am DONE with the lovely ultrasound wand:) LOL! It was nice to know I didn't have to have another ultrasound like that. So then it was time to wait for the lab tech to get back from her extended lunch break, we waited and waited and in the end it made us late for the doc appointment. Finally I got to meet the doctor and I really like him, he is very personable and seems easy to talk to and understands those who have had a rough road to get to a pregnancy! So we talked with the doc for a few before heading in for my actual check up etc... and everything is great and on target for my due date. What I LOVED LOVED LOVED hearing was that tomorrow I will be 12 weeks and (he did said that there can always be complications along the way but for the most part I am out of the woods for a miscarriage now) I am 97% assured of bringing home a baby=) I keep having to pinch myself, I cannot believe this is actually happening!
Oh and the other thing I loved hearing is tonight is my last PIO shot!!!! WOO-HOO!!!! (although it makes me a little nervous that I have seen others on here have labs before the doc gave them clearance etc...)
So now I have an appointment reprieve for the holidays. I go back to the obgyn in 4weeks.


  1. Glad everything went well and your over the scare of miscarriages ;)

  2. yaayyyayayayyyY!!!! all excellent news! i was also cleared for last PIO shot about 12 weeks, and then had labs and my levels went down. however, apparently not enough to have to start doing shots again. rest assured, if they tell you you don't have to do PIO shots again, they seem convinced your body is making progesterone on its own. Praise God for commanding our bodies to sustain these little blessings!

  3. Hooray for the great news!!! I'm so happy for you and look forward to no more wand u/s myself in a few weeks!! :)