Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snow Days!!!!

Haven't really had much to post about lately just trying to take it easy and get  all the Christmas stuff done! Cards are finally done, and mailed:) But I still have shopping and wrapping (haven't wrapped anything yet!) left to do and then of course comes the baking - next week (however I am scaling WAY back this year because having all those sweets around are too tempting for me!)  This week I haven't gotten much done partially due to the crazy weather we have been having. Monday we awoke to snow, which resulted in a fun snow day at home- lounging in pj's playing board games:) Then today we awoke to a little more snow and ICE! Snow day #2 for the week, so we are once again lounging in our pj's taking it easy. THANKFULLY the ice storm wasn't nearly as bad as it was a couple years ago when we lost power and ended up staying at a hotel!
I am trying to get motivated and clean the house (my hubby is looking forward to the second trimester because he heard nesting instincts take over and I will be cleaning everything- LOL!!!), I am having my family (mom, dad, brother, sister in law, niece and nephew) over for dinner tomorrow night -weather permitting to celebrate my mom and sister in laws birthdays. Of course I have been trying to plan this for some time and my brother and his family finally decided last night that Friday night is the only night that works for them! Of course today I can't get to the grocery because of the weather (and who knows when hubby will be home, tis the season for LONG crazy hours when you work for that "brown" company!) so hoping the weather cooperates and I can rush out tomorrow and get everything.
In the world of baby I got a call from my obgyn about my lab work and the first part of the test we had done to test for d.syndrome, trisomy etc....  was within normal range however it won't say negative till I have the second part of the test done at my next appointment the first of January. I really wasn't concerned but it was good to hear:) Curious to see if I will have another ultrasound at that appointment, it is so hard not to have an ultrasound when you are so use to having one every appointment- LOL! Even though I get worked about/ nervous about it, it is a relief to see our little one moving around,heart beating and healthy:) The one thing I am not looking forward to at my next appointment is having to do the "jug of fun" where I have to collect my urine for 24 hours and take it in to be tested. But I will do what I have to do!!! Okay I have rambled on enough.

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