Thursday, November 11, 2010

Moving Right Along

This afternoon I had my second ultrasound. I was starting to get nervous before the appointment so I went to the devotional I have been reading, and read over some Bible passages as well as said the prayer to St.Gerard (patron Saint of expectant mothers etc...- I have been saying the prayer nightly), it seemed to help I am not saying I wasn't nervous but it helped. I am trying to be positive and joyous. My blood pressure wasn't sky high which is a good thing being as they took it before the ultrasound-LOL! weight was good etc... So it was on to the ultrasound, and our little gummy bear is doing great!!!!! The doctor commented that it looked like a gummy bear:) and she said all looked great, that I was right on target for 7weeks 6 days. The heartbeat was good and strong 170.  I am to go back to them in two weeks for my final check and ultrasound with this group, and she said at that ultrasound we will see arms, legs and more movement etc...I know longer need to take estrogen (would have been nice to know before hand, just order an refill and it came today- oh well!) Then we got to ask some questions, she recommended a high risk group that was in the same building so that worked out well for us and we went ahead and set up our appointment with them for four weeks from today. Both my hubby and myself got our flu shot- oh whats another shot when you are already taking 6 a day:) It was an eventful day, and exciting. Once we are having the ultrasound and know that all is well, I could sit there all day and look at our little on.
Now the question is when to let the cat out of the bag? My parents know, my blog friends know, my hairstylist knows (because I have a hair appointment next Tuesday for color and I wanted to make sure that it is safe soon as I asked she asked if I was preggers-LOL!- what are your all's opinion on hair color etc... I only get highlights so it doesn't touch the skin etc...?) but the rest of the world doesn't. Part of me still wants to wait till the first trimester is over like we had planned (which would put it right before Christmas where we could either put it in our Christmas cards or make the announcement at Christmas) but it is getting harder and harder I am so ready to let the cat out of the bag.
THANK YOU THANK YOU for every one's prayers, good thoughts, well wishes and encouragement for today's appointment, it was/ is much appreciated!!!!! I know we are not "out of the woods yet" but today I am feeling joyous and excited:)


  1. yay! congrats! good news! I got my hair colored at about 7 weeks (after checking with dr that it was ok). I did a full weave. we are about 10.5 weeks, and we don't plan on putting it on Christmas cards. But we do plan on telling more people after the 12 weeks are over.