Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Graduation Day!

Today I had my last appointment with my fertility specialist. I was a nervous wreck yesterday, really worried, and no matter what I read or tried to think positive it just wasn't working. I think the reason I was so nervous etc... was because my hubby wasn't sure he was going to be able to make it to the appointment- it is peak season for him at work. However this morning I felt better and seemed more positive especially when I found out that hubby was going to be at my appointment:)
I got to the appointment a little early (the weather wasn't great- cold and very rainy so I wanted to allow enough time) barely signed in and they called me back- WOW! I guess they were ready to start their Thanksgiving holiday. Thankfully hubby got there early and was able to be at my appointment. We got to see our little one on the ultrasound again today- I LOVE seeing our little one:) Today our little one was moving around, waving at us, kicking it's legs, and the beautiful heartbeat was beating away it was so great to see. Hubby took video on his cell phone but can't seem to get it to email etc... so as soon as we figure that out I will post.
So today is graduation day, my last appointment with my fertility specialist, seems so strange, in two weeks I will see my high risk obgyn for the first time. Anxious for that appointment to get here.
So at the doctors today they kept saying we would have some neat video to share at Thanksgiving, and lots to talk about etc... Well we had planned on telling everyone at Christmas when I will be 14 weeks, but now it has us thinking, should we announce our news tomorrow at Thanksgiving? (I am almost 10wks)  Our biggest concern is our kiddos, if something were to happen, having to explain to them etc...and that is really the big reason why we haven't told anyone. I don't feel comfortable telling everyone before telling the kiddos. I really want the kiddos in on us announcing it, so they feel apart of it from the beginning etc.. I am torn with what to do, I know there is really no right or wrong but I am conflicted. Anyone have any thoughts?
Hope everyone has a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING! and safe travels for those who are traveling.

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