Sunday, January 30, 2011


So yesterday afternoon I had a girls day, with my mom, daughter and niece. We headed to the mall and had a good time:) I got a lot of much needed maternity clothes (funny story!), and the girls got all kinds of accessories at Cl.aire.s (colored hair extentions that clip in their hair and earrings- in my daughters case magnetic earrings-LOL!). Several things stuck me as we were walking through the mall, it seemed like there was a lot of pregnant woman out at the mall- probably just because I was more aware however I thought I was more aware when I wasn't pregnant?! Another thing that struck me as odd was I felt guilty walking around with my pregnant belly because I was wondering the whole time who in the mall was having a tough time, going through infertility or awaiting an adoption etc... I couldn't shake that feeling, the whole time we were there.
Okay back to the funny story. We were in the maternity store at the mall- my first time in there. There was a real nice lady helping me, and I needed all the help I could get!!! After I got everything I was getting and headed to the cash registered she said "oh what about panties?" .  I said oh, no I am good my husband hooked me up in that department for Christmas. This lady then goes on to say oh wait a minute does your husband work for such and such a company (a large delievery company) and his drivers deliver to this mall? I was shocked and said yes, she said he is a little taller than you? I said yes, she then says I remember him coming into the store to purchase panties at Christmas for you! LOL! Apparently my husband was the only one to come into that store to buy his wife maternity pantiesfor Christmas! (Which I of course greatly appreciated, needed and asked for!). So my family has got quite a kick out of this story and teasing hubby too!

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