Tuesday, January 25, 2011

CRAZY dreams!

Well the crazy dreams have begun!!! I have heard during pregnancy that woman tend to have weird, and vivid dreams. Well my dreams began the middle of  last week. My hubby and I like to watch several police dramas and typically we watch them before going to bed so you can only imagine what my dreams have been like- LOL!!! The first one I had was one where I was in the mob- omg! Lets just say that when I wake up I remember everything, and I have to laugh at some of them.
My hubby has been wondering when my "nesting" phase would begin, LOL! I told him I just don't think it is in me;) However today I got a burst of energy and some of that "nesting" instinct and cleaned our bedroom and bathrooms out- I think mostly because we have plumber coming on Saturday to finally fix our shower and hopefully put a new fixture at our sink- the one we have is NASTY and I haven't liked it since we moved in. So I am excited about that:)  I have been planning on cleaning the kids closets out- a daunting task!!!! We are planning on moving the kids into one room and the baby will have it's own room for the first year or two. So I need to make some changes and get organized!
Another task I have on my to do list that I need to get motivated for is the HUGE consignment sale in our area. I have put the kids stuff in one of our areas huge consignment sales and usually make a decent amount ($700-$800) which would come in REALLY handy right now. I am planning on (if I get motivated which I am sure my hubby makes sure that I do! LOL) using the money to purchase our son's new bed and bedding etc... (he is currently in the toddler bed-convertible baby bed) and of course spring clothes for the kiddos as well. Don't get me wrong the consignment sale is a lot of work but well worth the money. Anyhoo hopefully I get motivated really soon because I need to sign up soon and get everything tagged etc...
So anyhoo that is what has been going on here, we are looking forward to and counting the days till our ultrasound next Thursday. Of course I am a little nervous just because it has been a month since I heard the heartbeat, and will be two months since we last had an ultrasound! However I will be excited to see our little one, and once I know all is well will enjoy seeing our baby and finding out if we are having a girl or boy:) Don't forget to vote PLEASE!


  1. The nesting has begun for me, too! I enjoy it because I feel good getting things done, especially while I can still move around well. =) As far as your comment about agreeing on names we were the same way until we found out the gender. Then for some reason it just all fell together, and we just knew what it would be. I hope you guys find something you love as well!

  2. So exciting - I love finding out what people are having! Can't wait until you find out next week!

  3. I have had totally crazy dreams too! They make me laugh sometimes!