Friday, April 27, 2012

FIRST tooth!

Yes Miss L finally got her first tooth! We saw the tooth making it's appearance last week but it was on Wednesday of this week that we noticed that it had broken through the gum. I am happy that she has her first tooth but sad to see her beautiful gummy grin disappearing. I am so thankful that I had 10 months to enjoy her toothless grin- I just love it:)
My baby girl is growing up way way too fast! This week she started giving THE BEST hugs, she hugs you really tight and then pats your back- I LOVE LOVE LOVE it, just melts my heart, and I could hold her like that all day long.
We have had another busy week. We had H's OT eval report meeting Tuesday night and it went really well. I am happy to finally get the ball rolling. He will start receiving OT one day a week and it will start next week at school and then when school is out the end of May I will take him to OT one day a week. I am excited, because I am hoping it will really help him and his behaviors. It was also good to hear that he is very intelligent- he scored two years ahead of his age! WOW!
We are having some major issues with M's school, and I am trying to tell myself just 4 more weeks! It is just so frustrating to know how much we paid for her to go to school and how little we are getting in return. Thankfully we had already made arrangements for her to attend another school next year. The teachers are pretty much coasting from here on out- I thought only the students did this-LOL! They are done with homework for the year. The other day it was gorgeous outside and they didn't go out for recess, the teacher said they needed their rest?! Crazy, anyhoo I could go on and on but I won't because it will just get me all worked up again- it is so bad I am half way tempted to pull her out for the rest of the school year.
Okay I told myself I was going to be positive so I am going to end this post on a positive note:) Hope you all have a very happy weekend! I am going to make it a good weekend!


  1. good grief! Sienna's had 8 since 6 months. you are a lucky one!

  2. Karis got her first tooth at 10 months too. It has been slowly pushing itself out of the gum for the past month. Glad your son is getting the OT services he needs. Have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog.......I too have dealt with infertility. We became a family through adoption.