Monday, April 2, 2012

Just Life

Not much going on, just life. We stay pretty busy all of the time! Hubby works 5 days a week at his full time job that has crazy crazy hours, that I never know when he will get home from one day to the next. He also trains on Saturday mornings, usually not getting home till 12:30/ 1:00 in the afternoon. After Easter he is adding a class he will be training on Sundays in the afternoon, right now I am not sure what the hours are going to be just  know it's another day that I will be solo on parenting duties yet again. This crazy schedule makes it difficult especially as the kiddos get older, have school activities/ programs and are involved in sports. Right now H is in t-ball, he has had only one practice so far due to rainouts (did I mention t-ball is twice a week?! crazy it's only tball people), he also does soccer during one of his days off from school while M is in school and participates in a gymnastics class when he goes to his sisters class on Sat. Miss M is in gymnastics (2 hours on Sat.) and girl scouts. So needless to say with all that running around I am so looking forward to spring break next week:) I'm hoping the weather cooperates so we can enjoy a picnic at the park, a visit to the zoo as well as a trip to our favorite ice cream shop. An activity I have planned in case of rain but could also be done outside on the patio on a nice day is buying some blank canvases for the kiddos to paint to hang in our basement in their play areas.
Well Easter is right around the corner, I still have to go shopping- that is on the agenda for Wed. when H and M are in school. Now I just have to figure out what to put in the baskets? Not much on candy for the kids and H is so picky to begin with when it comes to candy- doesn't like anything "gummy" including jellybeans, doesn't like chocolate of any kind, and is allergic to tree nuts. So what to get, I do have a movie in mind that the kiddos have been wanting but from there not sure?! I think for L I will get teething biscuits etc thing of that nature and a book or two she is probably the easiest to shop for. Hopefully I will figure it all out.
Sunday after church we headed to the mall for the kiddos to visit and get pictures with the Easter Bunny. It went surprisingly well and got some good pictures off all three of them- although L was not smiling, can't complain she wasn't crying:) I wasn't too sure how she would do!
M wanted to making something for Easter for her teachers and of course if I do it for M, H will want it too. So I am going to make mini-bunt cakes (lemon) and drizzle colored icing over then;  have the kiddos color coconut (shake coconut flakes and a little green food coloring in a baggie) to make easter grass for the middle of the cakes and then add candy eggs for a little nest?! Just hope I can get them all done for the kiddos to take to school on Friday! Friday or Saturday we will also be coloring eggs:)
Oh I almost forgot to share this craziness! So a week ago this past Friday, I was in the carpool line with L and H waiting for M to be released from school. I had the radio on but kind of low, when I hear the weather alert signal come on, and thinking to myself oh it's probably a severe thunderstorm warning (the skys looked clear and the sun was out with a few clouds but knew that they had called for some thunderstorms for the afternoon) but listened anyways. I was SHOCKED when they said tornado WARNING for our area, especially for the area in which our house and M's school is- one had been spotted. H and L were both asleep in the car so I woke H up and unbuckled him, grabbed L in her carrier and hurried into the school. We took cover in the school and stayed there for about 30 minutes. Thankfully we were all safe and nothing happened around out house or the school but not too far from either there was some damage. Needless to say we are having a crazy crazy weather. I'm just hoping for a warm beautiful Easter Sunday so the kiddos can enjoy hunting eggs:)
Hope everyone has a great week! Gotta go L is calling my name over and over and over, I think she is ready for her afternoon nap:)

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