Monday, April 9, 2012


We had a wonderful, but busy weekend:) Saturday morning was our usual morning of gymnastics and then we went out to lunch with the in-laws  Oh Joy! (note the sarcasm here!) It was really bad timing- lunch at 1:45, when my kiddos are use to eating at 12:30 or so, it threw the whole rest of the day off. They actually bought the kiddos E. baskets- shocker (well the two older kiddos anyhoo, Miss L didn't get a basket). We had told them just a little candy because we knew they would be getting candy at the E. egg hunt after church, from the E. bunny at out house plus at my parents; well they didn't listen at all and to top things off they left the baskets in the car while we had lunch on a very warm Saturday afternoon. Needless to say the candy was a mushy mess, because they got mostly chocolate (we told them H doesn't like chocolate but obviously they didn't care to listen to anything we said!). Anyhoo the visit is over; after lunch we had a few errands to run so we did that then headed home so hubby could cut grass and I could do laundry. Since we ate such a late lunch we really weren't hungry for dinner so I decided since we were doing family movie night to do a movie night dinner:) we had homemade pretzels- salted and cinnamon sugar; as well as popcorn you know the kind popped on the stove. The kiddos kept saying it was the best dinner ever- LOL! But before dinner and our movie we colored E. eggs, the kiddos had a good time, even Miss L got in on the action coloring her very first egg with a lot of help from Momma;)
Sunday/ Easter morning was a busy one. The kiddos got up, well actually I got up first, took my shower, make-up etc and then H woke up ready to go find his basket but I made him wait a little bit to wake up his sisters. We got the girls up and then they found their baskets and loved what they got. Then we headed downstairs for the kiddos to hunt E. eggs. Miss L even had eggs hidden in her play area. After egg hunting and checking out the loot it was time for breakfast and to get everyone ready for church (when I say that I mean I had to get all three kiddos and myself ready for church while hubby got himself ready and went and got his morning drink- it would be nice to have some help once in a while!). We made it to church on time however the church was already packed luckily we saw some friends of ours and squeezed in the pew with them. Church went ok, H wasn't the best but it is very hard for him to sit for that length of time, plus he was excited about the egg hunt after church.
The kiddos M and H enjoyed the egg hunt after church, they got a TON of eggs, and both of the girls M and L won stuffed bunny's in the drawings they had after the egg hunt and H found the golden egg:) So tomorrow- Tuesday we are to take the golden egg to the church office to find out his prize! (hubby's hoping for free tuition-LOL!)
After the egg hunt we stopped by my parent's house so that they could take some family photos for us and we visited for a little bit. Then we went home and the kiddos played, I fixed a yummy new pasta salad for Easter dinner to take to my parents house and hubby went to the gym to work out.The pasta salad was super easy and quite tasty, just wish hubby and/or the kiddos would eat it so I could fix it more ofter.  Later in the day we headed over to my parents house for Easter dinner, and the kiddos had another egg hunt in their backyard. The kiddos had a great time playing with their cousins and I had a good time visiting with family. Great weekend:)
Today is the first day of spring break and it turned out to be a beautiful day! I had to go grocery shopping in the morning with ALL three kiddos- which is quite the chore. So I decided to make them their own list of things to find at the grocery. H's had pictures cut out from the grocery add along with the word and M's just had the words- they had a great time "helping" me with the grocery shopping! After lunch we had one more errand before we stopped at the pet store and bought some "duck food"- cracked corn and then headed to the park to play on the playground and feed the ducks. The kiddos had a great time and of course weren't ready to leave. Now we are at home having some "down" time before starting dinner- grilling out tonight:) It's suppose to cool off and not warm back up till the end of the week which is a real bummer but I have some inside activities planned to hopefully make it a fun Spring break for them.
Hope everyone had a very Hoppy and Blessed Easter weekend!!! Have a great week!

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  1. Wow! You were busy! I'm impressed that you had time to post. Good for you happymom!!!