Monday, March 1, 2010

Moving On

I have been thinking about moving on a lot lately and trying to make a very tough decision. I am torn about doing superovulation with IUI. Part of me says YES YES YES we need to try everything that we can, to try and make my dream come true. I also know this is my last chance to do something like this inorder to try and have a baby given my age and healthy history etc... BUT the cost is SOOOO expensive, I wish I knew of a way to help with the cost, or either the meds or the procedure or even both. The only way we are going to be able to swing this is using our tax return. We haven't filed yet so we don't even know how much we are getting back. Our tax return may only give us enough for one try at it and then my thought is, is it even worth it with only one shot at it? I also think about how we could use that money to help us out with bills, our daughters school etc... I know that if we do use this money to try that will add even more pressure to us; and if we use the money and it doesn't work I will have a very hard time dealing emotionally and will feel guilty. I also know either way, if we try and it doesn't work or we don't try because of the cost I am going to have a very hard time dealing with the finality. It just breaks my heart to know I will never have any more babies:(  At this point I HATE money, money is so evil! I HATE that, money is what is stopping us from expanding our family. I just want a crystal ball- LOL!!!! I am sure I am not the only one who would love to have that. So my question is if it was you what would you do?

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